Game is dead?

  • Warframe's P2W aspect is gaining instant access to all the buffed Prime Warframe, weapons, companions, etc.

    This isn't entirely true.
    In warframe, you can't buy them either. You can only get them in the prime access, which is on rotation.

    For example, Nintendo switch players had absolutely no way on getting Trinity Prime until 6 months ago, where she was available for 3 months.
    Now, They can no longer be bought.

    The access is not instant. It's like, once every 3 months.

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  • It still holds true you can literally by all the prime parts for platinum off other players if you missed the sale. So again it's pretty much instant access for premium currency.

  • It still holds true you can literally by all the prime parts for platinum off other players if you missed the sale. So again it's pretty much instant access for premium currency.

    Except that, well, its not premium currency really. At least, not in the general sense, for the fact that it isn't exclusive

    I myself have had over thousands of platinum, but I can assure you I haven't bought anything with real money apart from tennogen (which are community made skins).

    I didn't grind for primed warframe parts or stuff, I traded them with farmed platinum, platinum I did not buy, I farmed.

    That's the difference. Warframe's premium currency is not exclusive currency if you can get it for free. It runs an in-game economy. Free players trade platinum, buying players buys platinum for free players to get. Both players spend and reduce platinum in circulation, others buy some to increase it. Developers makes money, free players gets what they want at the same time as buying players.

    Remember, it is not "Pay To Win" in the general sense. Rather, its "Pay to Win" in a sense that everybody wins. If you pay, you don't get an advantage over others. You instead give advantage.

    In case if you are wondering how, look at the PA packs themselves. All of them contains platinum given along with it. Those platinum are there not just for you to use, but players are more likely to influence trading with time. What will you buy from the game anyway? There's really nothing to spend that platinum it on other then cosmetics, which you are already getting from PA, which already contains primed stuff. So, you won't be buying primed stuff either.

    Devs gave you platinum, but there is nothing to really spend it on. Why is it there then? You have the cosmetics you want, you have the weapons and warframes you want, all from the PA. What's the point of the excess platinum?

    Its for trading. You trade them to the free players who are selling parts, mods and grinded parts that YOU CANNOT BUY WITH PLATINUM. This is the important part in warframe's monetization. Some parts CANNOT be bought, and can ONLY be done my trading, or by actually grinding them.

    The very reason on what you said, "you can literally by all the prime parts for platinum off other players" that gives "instant access" is the exact same reason why this isn't "Pay To Win" in the general sense. If you buy platinum, you will end up giving free players platinum from trading. Free players gets platinum. Everyone gets access to the "premium currency". Everyone collectively spends. Developers makes money. Free players are at the same exact level of paid players. Paid players finds this fair. Free players finds this fair.

    Probably talked too much, and way more than I should have though. Sorry about that.

    But in the end of the day, when it comes to monetization, DE's one is the fairest one in the free to play market. Something I had wished Ironsight to do as well, for it would have made the game far more attractive to an even larger userbase. Ironsight's artists does (or did, rather) their job really quick. Ironsight would have been making a lot of money by managing an economy utilising the art aspect of the game.

    Though, perhaps this is too much to expect from a then - 20 man developer team, Idk.

  • Thank you

    i mean Digital Extreme was something like these devs back in the days. They have this many people to just help other major studios like Epic Games and 2k to develop unreal engine (and unreal tournament game). Now theyre their own publishers and not many "indie" devs (idk if i can call them indie still) can be publishers for themselves and making an almost like AAA game.


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  • Ok let's see who would win in getting a prime warframe first. Someone who buys platinum and asks for the parts in market chat vs someone who grinds for the parts or free platinum. Again a pay to win experience most people refer to is someone who can come into a game and buy the most upgraded gear immediately and not have to put any effort into it.