• Per the screenshots below, I've encountered this Treasure Type 89 that after kills is listed as a Treasure SCAR-H (shoots and stops like a Type 89 though).

    Now here's the funny part... there's no Treasure gun listed under either Type 89 or SCAR.


    • type89.jpg

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  • Probably (a combination of the two :P). The owner doesn't recall how he got it. And the devs might still be sleeping, Idk...

    In any case, just how stamps with printing errors are so desirable for collectors, this freak-of-a-weapon was nice to encounter. Kept on running after the owner, just to get a chance at using that Type89 once he was dead. WW2 soviet army style!

    BTW, I think it looks gorgeous!

  • I have the same gun. I don't even know where I got it from.

    It's weird, it shoots as a Type 89, and the kills and levels count as a Type 89. But when you kill someone, it says they were killed by the Treasure SCAR-H.

    No complaints though