BackScreen & Ingame Issues

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    I figured their would be issues as it is closed beta, so here are some issues i've come across so far...hopefully you can fix soon because one of them is stopping me from actually getting in the game all together....

    Black-screen ( this happens right after all the branding) & was waiting for about 2 minutes and nothing changed......tried to troubleshoot the program and that didn't help....

    Ingame Issue - When i was in the game before. I wasn't able to equip weapons that were available to me, nor was i able to equip different skills on my custom loadout 1....I though this was due to the fact of my character so tried to change this also and it wouldn't let me do soo.

    Update - So was able to get into the game and the weapon finally changed upon does this mean when i make changes i have to restart the game?

  • The equipping weapons and characters or anything in load outs is a known issue. It is just very delayed it can take up to 15 seconds for affects to actually happen. Sometimes even longer. Sometimes shorter it's just buggy,

  • Yeah....i see this very very buggy. Guess thats why its in closed beta all we can do is let the team know of our findings....As for the black screen issue think i fixed it by going into the folder by right clicking launcher and go to file location and then go to the game exe and go to properties and check " run as administrator" and then select a different compatibility mode ( i selected windows 8

  • I think it just depends on your PC's specs. Some may need to use compatibility mode to run. I know for myself I haven't had any of these issues except for the shop lagging with equipping items.

  • haha, yeah well played for 2 hours think i made my overview of the game, hoping they change some things to make it better like the hitboxes and fixing lag when trying to customize inventory....going to go back to blacksquad as the hitboxes their are great...will play this game tomorrow or 2 days to see if the devs fixed anything,

  • The reason im comparing the game to blacksquad it because that is my goo to free to play shooter game and was hoping ironsight would be, but there are some things that can be improved like i've said above the hotboxes feel like they need some work, But the game is still good, there are things ironsight has the blacksquad doesn't here are a few...

    Ironsight vs Blacksquad

    Iron-sight has better - bigger and more balanced map design, more weapons to choose from & has more features like skills, attachments ect...

    Blacksquad Is Has Better - The hitboxes are better in blacksquad personal opinion ( headshots matter ) & spraying is a disadvantage more of a skillbased shooter in my opinion.

    I haven't given up on iron-sight and will be playing more of it tomorrow, really hope they readjust the hitboxes and fix some issues by then....IronSight could be an amazing free to play shooter if they adjust it right....

  • Give it until Public beta and I'm sure a lot of these issues are going to be fixed! Back in CBT, it was quite bad as well. :P

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  • I agree BS headshots / 1 taps with the ak's were very fun. This game headshots are pretty pointless. They need to do something about registry and stuff.

  • Yeah im hoping most of the issues are fixed by then and really hoping for this game to be awesome and better then blacksquad, but as it stands now in its current state blacksquad is a better gaming experience.

    I just hope ironsight devs listen to the community to really make this game an awesome free fps game.

  • I agree BS headshots / 1 taps with the ak's were very fun. This game headshots are pretty pointless. They need to do something about registry and stuff.

    I agree sev 100%, Ironsight does shine in map design compared to blacksquad and weapon variety and weapon customization.

  • Ah, man... This game has potential, but it kinda sucks. I bought the best assault rifle in every game - HK 417. It turns out in this game, only in this game, it is called a "semi-sniper" and it has 20 bullets single shot mode. Who the F does that?? And Secure the pointe or whatever matches end in 1 minute. I spend more time waiting than playing. TDM is kinda ok I guess.

  • It's CBT so a lot of issues need fixed and tweaked. But I too was disappointed to see the HK 417 turned into a semi-auto weapon. Because in no other game is it like that. Also S&D is like the only mode that's decent because the spawns in the other two modes are not too good.