Team Changes - March 2020

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    We have news regarding our team. Unfortunately, from today on we will lose 1 member of the Ironsight family.

    We want to thank our FireWarrior for his contribution to the game as a honorable member of the Ironsight Team.

    For this occasion he took the time to write you a letter:

    But this is not all mercenaries, we also want welcome 2 new members in our party who have already experience with Ironsight.

    Let's see who they are and what they have to tell.

    PAX.png Neil.jpg
    Pax Neil
    Pax#0710 CM#9279
    A veteran player infiltrating the Ironsight Team. He is not afraid to stab his enemies when they talk too much.
    A super-soldier. Awoken from a cryogenic sleep, roaming on the battlefields in a fight between NAF and EDEN. Unclear which sides he will contribute to he is searching for his beloved ones..
  • Thank you for your service FireWarrior. You were one of the only CM's that supported the competitive community of Ironsight. I wish you the best in your future job.

    Welcome PAX and NEIL! I hope you guys can actively engage with the community and organize more community events whether it be competitive or not.


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