matches wont load

  • so when i boot the game if i rush and click the play button it will load me into a match after it will kick me to lobby when the match is over give the count down and then not load into the match at all ill be stuck in the lobby same happens if i dont click the play button right away when the game loads, soooo whats the deal here, iv been gone for some time this was not a bug when i left now it is ? how can iu play if i cant load into matches

    add to it i have 2 13d boosts active right now if i cant do matches im waisting boosts !

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  • Hello Sinn,

    around that time we started to have issues with the game portal which might lead to the issues that you're experiencing.

    The team is currently aware of this issue and are working to solve it

  • Working on the issue? Working on it for a few weeks now? Let us all know when it will be fixed then. Or actually let us all know when there is something done period that is beneficial to directly improving the performance of the servers specifically. Thanks.

  • Xanaarius, this was a temporary issue which occurred over all games and wasn't a problem related to Ironsight. This is solved now, since the majority have reported that they can play again. If you still have an issue which is not related to the one above, which occurred around yesterday evening EU time, please create a new thread so that we can check your issue. If there's already one, you can gladly link me here

  • or we can continue here since it already exists and the issue is the same, EXCEPT it is NA not Eu. oh btw in case you guys haven't noticed the NA servers have been dropping people, having insanely long load times, crashes, etc. For quite some time now. Everyone I know is playing on the EU servers atm even with the giant ping difference forcing us to have a disadvantage. So unless you wanna come clean and claim NA servers are also perfectly fine with documented proof lol then I think there is work to be done.

  • Confirming the servers are NOT fixed, and we should continue this discussion here rather than opening more useless threads. Today people cannot play on NA server. Its constantly getting stuck at 1 on the countdown then kicking people back to the home screen after some time. Lets not create more work for people to simply inform you that the game is indeed messed up. This is my favorite fps, and it has huge potential, lets not waste that. NA server needs serious work.