Can't sign out of the random account I made for Steam.

  • Planned on just making a random account through Steam and then when I restart the game just signing into this profile which is my normal profile I play on, because of this I just threw in a random username and password and I have no idea what it could be because I planned on changing accounts anyways. I can't figure out how or where to sign out of that profile through Steam and I'm not even sure that there is a way to do so.

    I am not going to be anywhere near my computer for around a week and a half so I'll be able to respond to questions and what not here but will not be able to test any of the solutions.

  • Hello TheGhostter,

    to unlink an account from steam you should try to contact our customer support here

    They will gladly unlink your current account so that you'll be able to use another one, but using the steam variant is not the optimal solution for players who also use twinks.