Installed Ironsight, now my PC is corrupted

  • So I was looking for a fun free-to-play game on Steam and stumbled upon Ironsight. I played a game and decided it was nothing for me. As soon as I quit the game I was going to try another game (Planetside 2) but when I was asked to make an account I was prompted from Windows that it couldn't open nba reddit the webpage to "create an account" for Planetside because of an "side-by-side configuration" (???). I got confused and verified the game-files in steam for Planetside which didn't make a difference. pcpartpicker I tried booting up Chrome to research the issue but I can't boot that up either because "side-by-side configuration". Basically I can't launch any programs now since installing Ironsight. I even did a sfc/scannow in commandprompt which showed that there's no damage so I'm feeling a bit uneasy about this and I've no idea how to fix this.reverse phone lookup

  • Hello WestonMicah,

    can you show me a screenshot of that error? I suppose that you might have gotten an adware or malware in some way. You can try to scan your computer for these with malwarebytes