Random gameplay clips & some "questionable" glitches

  • I had some gameplay clips and some interesting recordings where i have encountered some glitches in the game, decided I'd make a thread showing the clips here and using the glitches as some sort of entertainment. (which i hope it entertained you, at least a bit.) This is my first time ever sharing a video on this forum and on top of that it was edited by me. So don't expect something decent lol. I have no idea if these glitches have been reported / talked about before but most of them are hilarious to me, and not like these things happen on a daily basis anyways.

    For the majority of the video i have my friends talking in the background and they're not speaking English which I hope won't be a problem. Everything else is in English though, and there is even a part where there are subtitles.

    Songs that are used are in the description of the video. I hope you enjoy it!