Stack overflow issue with launcher

  • Hello MrMayhem, sry for the late reply.

    Have you tried resetting your internet explorer settings as well? Might be an error in the script of the launcher itself.

    Open internet explorer > internet options > advanced > reset... > tick the checkbox to delete personal information > reset

    Also, since when do you get this error message?

    Were you able to play before?

    Did you install any software/updates recently which in return might be causing this error?

  • I suggest a reinstall from my side then. Either wait until the next day and see if it gets solved on its own or try to reinstall right away. It's actually the first time that I see this error appearing not because of multiple sessions. Please double check for anything that might have gotten installed during that time

  • Just fired up the launcher and the game started running. No re-install needed (despite having the alternate zip file).

    Must be undergoing maintenance ahead of schedule yesterday. Close the topic please.