[EVENT] Design a Drone

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    Our drone manufacturer of choice has asked us for community feedback to get some ideas for new products. Weird right, the things companies do these days? Anyway, we thought the best people to provide this feedback would be you, the mercenaries who use these drones every day.

    So please, shoot! What kinds of drones would you like to carry with you into battle? Don't hold back, even if you think your idea might sound silly. Want a Metal Reaper, but with 10 times the guns? Tell us. A Striker drone that drops boomboxes instead of bombs? Tell us! A little companion that sits on your shoulder and whispers reassuring comments into your ear during battle? TELL US!

    (It can of course also be a completely reasonable and practical design if that's your thing.)


    Your task is to design a drone. Your design must include a description of what the drone does, as well as some form of visual asset. This can be something you created out of our existing drones with an image manipulation software like Photoshop or GIMP, but you can also make something entirely new. And if you want to be old-school, you can of course also simply draw your drone.

    Please use the following template for your submission:

    IGN (Callsign):
    Special (Orange) weapon:
    Advanced (Blue) weapon:

    Drone name:
    Type: (Tactical or Offensive)
    Image link:

    Here are our drones:

    Zeus.png UAV_Jammer.png Striker.png Spydrone.png Metalreaper.png LAWS.png Hellbird.png Gorgon.png Blade.png

    Also, we want to continue giving you the power to decide which submission wins the event, and whose makes second places. Therefore, there will again be a community voting period after the event has ended, with the team reserving the right to act as tiebreakers if necessary.


    This event begins on Monday, November 11, as soon as it is posted. It ends on Monday, November 25, at 11:59pm CET. No submissions posted after this time will be accepted!

    We will then post the compilation of submissions and let you cast your votes until Sunday, December 1, again at 11:59pm CET. No votes cast after this time will be accepted!

    The winner and second place will be announced on Monday, December 2.


    The submission with the most votes will be rewarded with a Special (Orange) weapon of choice and 50 CHIPs.

    The submission with the second-most votes will be rewarded with an Advanced (Blue) weapon of choice and 35 CHIPs.

    Every other serious participant will be rewarded with 20 CHIPs and 1 Charm Slot Ticket.

    Everyone who casts at least one vote will receive 10 CHIPs. Participants in the event may also cast their vote. Please put all the votes you want to cast in a single post.


    • Only one submission per participant and per Callsign.
    • Do not submit anything inappropriate!
    • We reserve the right to disqualify any submission that may constitute a breach of our rules of this contest or our Terms of Service.
    • Every submission to this contest can and will be used by Aeria Games, Wiple Games and/or gamigo for promotional purposes.
    • There will be no exceptions for submissions posted after the event ends, or for votes after the voting period ends.
    • Any other reply to the submission forum thread that doesn't match the topic will be deleted.
    • In case of a tie, the winners will be decided by the Community Managers and Moderators.
  • IGN (Callsign): IAngryMonkeyI

    Special (Orange) weapon: DSR1 City

    Advanced (Blue) weapon: AK12 Chrome

    Drone name: HellEagle

    Type: (Offensive)

    Description: It will fire missiles and not ammos by minigun, 1 missile each 2 seconds for a total time of 30 seconds duration

  • ING:(Callsign): alfari

    Special (Orange) weapon: DSR-1 City

    Advanced (Blue) weapon: DSR-1 Snow

    Drone name: car remote pump

    Type: (Tactical or Offensive): Offensive

    Description: speed can be explosive ,

    1. leave the link of this drawing remembering that in call of duty there was a car with remote control that when used works as an offensive drone exploding just like the blade drone it can have a camera to find the enemies,You can guide the moderators of this idea of the car that explodes can change the name I made it as a drawing for you to give the touch of imagination remembering that a car that explodes would fit well in ironsight as an offensive drone



  • IGN (Callsign): SpankyG

    Special (Orange) weapon: Fire Monkey G36C

    Advanced (Blue) weapon: Treasure SG553

    Drone name: Predator (Nuklear Bomb)

    Type: (Offensive)

    How this should work

    I will be similar to blade drone but you cant navigate him only mark the point where should he fall.
    Launching predator or "nuklear bomb" could be similar to the "zeus" perspective. So you navigate
    Bomb to the destination,radius cant be big to much. Something like Secure point circle meybe 50% more.
    Can go true materials could be destroyed or not depents what you decide. Outside of the circle if players didn die
    they get attacked by poison"tear gas" for few seconds.

  • IGN (Callsign): H3llShadox

    Special (Orange) weapon: Celebrations MP5 A5

    Advanced (Blue) weapon: Treasure SG553

    Drone name: Laser Beam

    Type: (Offensive)

    Similar to Hydra, but shoot with lasers and burn the enemies


  • GN (Callsign): lacgabrijel

    Special (Orange) weapon: Fire Monkey AK-47

    Advanced (Blue) weapon: Root Famas G2

    Drone name: O-Parrot

    Type: Offensive


    This drone's got it all! Whether you like rockets, laser beams, explosive bullets, or just a regular old school minigun. This heavy deauty air ship has laser cannons, rocket launchers, 2 very highly powered robot's one on each wing. The O-Parrot of course doesn't shoot itself, it needs a pilot. The pilot can manualy choose which weapon would he like to use. With each weapon having different cooldowns, it would be very interesting to see how would it be used in combat.



    Image link:  O-Parrot

  • IGN (Callsign): TheOnlyBK_YT

    Special (Orange) weapon: Angry Monkey MP7A1

    Advanced (Blue) weapon: Treasure SG553

    Drone name: Overwatch

    Type: (Tactical or Offensive) Tactical

    Description: Accentually it is a "Little Bird" from Call of Duty MW3 it will shoot NORMAL BULLETS at PLAYERS! You(the player) tell Overwatch what area of the map to guard, just like a Striker Drone but it will guard that area for 30 sec(same as a hellbird, UAV, UAV-Jammer, Hydra, LAWS etc.) And it CAN'T be controlled manually. It is in the Tactical category only because it is supposed to be a better hydra.


    Image link: https://i.imgur.com/aY7BsMB.jpg

  • GN (Callsign): MacBaren

    Special (Orange) weapon: Dont have One

    Advanced (Blue) weapon: TnT PSG-1

    Drone name: ExoSkeleton

    Type: (Tactical) : every player who chose this drone will have a watch on his hand .. when the count down for it is done the watch will transform into exoskeleton which have any of these benefits:

    1. Increase Running speed.

    2. recoil reduction.

    3.faster reloads and weapon swapping.

    Drone Event ExoSkeleton.jpg


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  • IGN (Callsign): MyLifeBeLike

    Special (Orange) weapon: Kraken Desert Eagle

    Advanced (Blue) weapon: Snow Aug3

    Drone name: Funny Drone

    Type: (Tactical or Offensive) Offensive

    Description: The drone was made by 2 crazy soldiers in the 2nd WW but never realized because humanity was not so hironical.

    Effect: The drone needs only to be launched on the sky after having selected the target through a common map (like for strike drones) and it will home the target and hit him. When the drone hits you, you ll have 1 minute of 50% slowing in the movements.

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  • IGN (Callsign): BlackFox_09

    Special (Orange) weapon: Fire Monkey DSR1

    Advanced (Blue) weapon: M4 ACC-M Chrome

    Drone name: Hamster

    Type: Offensive

    Description: A fast video-controlled drone that explodes on command. The light from the antenna allows players to identify his team.
    Running time: 15-20s


    Image link: https://i.imgur.com/4MrRDWS.png

    PS: Sorry about the drawing, he’s really messed up.

  • IGN: CaptainNoobles

    Orange weapon: Kraken Deagle

    Blue weapon: Treasure SG553

    Drone name: Hunter drones

    Type: Offensive
    Description: Summon hunter drones to seek out and hunt the enemy

    Better description: To use this drone, you are given a target designator like the one used for the metal reaper or firefly. Like the metal reaper, this designator can only be used outdoors with a direct line of sight to the sky. Upon successfully using the designator, a dropship flies above the map, and lowers a transport container like the one used in the EMP mission to the point where the designator was used. Within this container is a group of 6-8 of the "bomber" drones also found in the EMP mission. These drones autonomously move around the map in search of enemy players where they will then explode, destroying themselves and their target. For this to work, the drones may need a health increase over their EMP mission counterparts, such that they arent easily destroyed by 3 bullets or less with any gun, while also being susceptible to the EMP launcher and EMP MSGL

    Alternatively, the dropship may drop off a squad of sentinals that follow the same purpose of hunting enemies (or following/guarding the player that summoned them)

    Image Link: click here! (Imgur)

  • IGN (Callsign): Gamga

    Special (Orange) weapon: Fire Monkey PP-2000

    Advanced (Blue) weapon: Chrome Ultimax 100

    Drone name: Wanze

    Type: Tactical

    Description: This device can be attached to objects, ceiling, walls and yes, also on the ground. The Device has just a limited duration of 45 seconds and also gives out an acoustic signal every 15 seconds and 2 signals when reaching 0. This gives the enemy the chance to locate the drone and destroy it. It can be activated and used with the headphones. With the "Wanze" the player can hear noices from the drone's location and locate enemies with this method.
    Lore: A drone, based on an old design of a bugging device of the old german organization with the sobriquet "Stasi" and further developed by secret agencies, this robust bugging device comes to the battlefield with the name "Wanze".


    Image link: https://imgur.com/a/BxR3q4e

    PS: if this gets a voice actor, please use Arnold Schwarzenegger for all languages!

  • Mercenaries!

    This Event is over now! There are quite some amazing ideas. We'd like to thank all participants for their great effort. We will now collect all entries and prepare the voting!

    Stay tuned!

    Your Ironsight Team