Well... suggestions

  • Hi everyone,

    I didn't play this game for several months (maybe a year) and now I'm back, and I must say I'm surprised the devs didn't add some things like:

    Killcam or spectator view (essential to find hackers and get evidence)

    Voice chat ingame (some of us don't like Discord)

    Different drones for each loadout ('cos some drones are more useful in SnD, others in TDM)

    Female free charachter (I would be really angry if I were a girl and had to pay for a female charachter)

    FFA mode (and a big map to play it, like Downtown)

    New weapons

    I like the new maps.

    The shield is s hit. (Did someone really like it?)

    This might be the best free shooter out there, but it can get even better. I know some of these things can be hard to add, but I'm sure others aren't.