Challenge mode for Snipers

  • Something inspired by the marksmanship competitions held in civilian, law enforcement, military, and the Sniper game series:

    Long distance marksmanship/cold bore mode where snipers can kill each other in a distance of maybe 2 miles (3.2 kilos) max.

    Sounds easy? Here's the catch.

    -Because of temperature changes, guns can be affected (extreme cold/hot affects gun and bullet performance)

    -Once a bullet traverses past optimal range or past the point of initial acceleration, gravity plays a natural game of dropping the bullet, affecting your accuracy which is where your scope reticle comes into play

    -Wind is temperamental where one second you pull the trigger where the wind blows west, then the next the wind blows east and the bullet misses the target, effectively making you open

    -Terrain is also a factor that determines life or death

    It'd be nice to get this mode with input from qualified marksmen/snipers who could apply their experience into creating this mode. South Korea's got some good snipers if Wipple Games wanted to get them on the cheap given their joint training with US forces.

    Like to get your view on this as this is worth discussing.