[EVENT] Bounty Hunt: Aim For The Head!

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    With the opening of the new conflict zone Tower, I've noticed another spike in enemy activity. This means your help is needed once more!

    I want you to take this opportunity to also work on your aim. The best way to eliminate a threat quickly is of course to aim for the head, and that's exactly what I want you to do this time. Whoever can get the most confirmed kills via headshot will receive bonus rewards in addition to the challenge for the Mercenary community as a whole!


    The first challenge this weekend is again a community challenge, where we will be counting the total kills achieved by all players. Therefore, it is imperative that we again get as many people to participate in the operation as possible!

    During the weekend from Friday, November 1, 6pm CET to Monday, November 4, 11:59pm CET you all achieved 1,086,387 kills. We'll take this as a reference for the rewards tiers.

    Only games played via normal matchmaking will be counted towards your score - no Custom Matches, PvE, Duel or anything else!

    There is no in-game counter for this event, the number of kills will be pulled from our database.

    Headshots need to result in a kill to be counted towards your score.


    This event starts on Friday, November 8, at 6pm CET. It ends on Monday, November 11, at 11:59pm CET. Only kills gotten during this time will be counted.


    Everyone who played during this event will receive rewards based on the tier the community achieved as a whole.

    • Tier 1 - 1,000,000 total kills: 15,000 GP
    • Tier 2 - 1,100,000 total kills: 30,000 GP + 20 CHIPs
    • Tier 3 - 1,200,000 total kills: 45,000 GP + 30 CHIPs + 7 Days 30% GP & EXP Boost
    • Tier 4 - 1,300,000 total kills: 60,000 GP + 50 CHIPs + 7 Days 30% GP & EXP Boost + 7 Days Ballistic Shield
    • Tier 5 - more than 1,350,000 total kills: 85,000 GP + 60 CHIPs + 14 Days 30% GP & EXP Boost + 7 Days Ballistic Shield +
      7 Days Gold AUG A3

    Again, you will need to achieve at least 10 kills of your own to be eligible for the rewards.

    And here are the reward tiers for the headshots. This one is an individual challenge, so we'll only count the headshots gotten by each player.

    • Tier 1 - 1 to 50 headshots: 1 Fire Monkey Box
    • Tier 2 - 51 to 100 headshots: 2 Fire Monkey Boxes
    • Tier 3 - 101 to 200 headshots: 3 Fire Monkey Boxes + 1 Collection Box
    • Tier 4 - 201 to 300 headshots: 4 Fire Monkey Boxes + 2 Collection Boxes
    • Tier 5 - more than 300 headshots: 5 Fire Monkey Boxes + 3 Collection Boxes + 28 Days Autumn Karambit Knife

    I know there are some real eagle eyes among you, Mercenaries. Remember to keep a steady hand and hold your breath while aiming, and this one will be an absolute cakewalk!

    I've also prepared some supplies for you to help you in this task: HERE

  • Mercenaries, the Bounty Hunt is over and the results are in! All of you together got a whopping 1,203,746 kills over the weekend! We're mighty proud of you! We'll start sending out the rewards now, but it will likely take us until tomorrow to do them all, so please be patient.

  • During the Bounty Hunt, you all made a total of 616,337 headshots! What. A. Number! Here are your Top 5 contributors.

    1 - JustGodlike - 1,913 headshots

    2 - vday - 1,879 headshots

    3 - Hiscules - 1,794 headshots

    4 - OLDrifter - 1,520 headshots

    5 - Crickss - 1,423 headshots

  • I got the 28 days Autumn Knife, so I have reached Tier 5.

    But I only got 4 Fire Monkey Boxes and 2 Collection Boxes.

    So we have a lack of 1 box of each type.

    Is it possible to send me this 2 missing cases?

  • Items can sometimes get "stuck" in the system during a bulk sendout. In that case, the best option is, as Gamga said, to check your purchase history. If you see that some items are indeed still pending, then simply poke one of us CMs here or on Discord and we'll sort it out for you. :)