HQ Report #9

  • But it does not mention if you can link your steam account with your current account. ONLY that you'll keep your stuff on the current account. So he isn't really wrong.

    Read again.

    Tatsu asked if we have to restart from scratch if we want to play "there" (=Steam).

    Flloyd said, we will keep all the stuff, so there must be the possibility to move your data or to link your current Account to your Steam Account.

    But hey, not the first time that they're announcing stuff and then have to cancel it when they run into their usual "technical issues".

    Perhaps, Helix can share his knowledge about their new plans about existing Accounts and Steam?

    Would be VERY interesting to know, if we wasted our money or not?

  • To clarify this Aeria/Steam/Account thing once and for all. We can only talk about THIS (EU/NA/SA) version. We are not responsible for the Asian version in any way. We can only tell you that you will keep all your Items when THIS version moves to steam. Nobody from this team has mentioned a possible migration to the ASIAN Steam version. Or at least promised you that you’ll be able to transfer you progress over to the Asian version. Thus there are no clear plans to do so. Communication with Wiple is ongoing.

    All items will be kept even after moving to Steam (on THIS version). If and how you will be able to connect your Aeria Games account to your Steam account is still to be figured out. (And I think this is where part of this misunderstanding is coming from). In the best case you can connect your current account with the steam account and play with your old account via Steam. In the worst case you’ll still have to use the Aeria Games launcher.

    Once more because it needs to be spoken out loud:
    We can ONLY talk about this (EU/NA/SA) version.

  • Braggel my apologies, I was giving a reply to OhEmGee regarding the topic of data transfers. The official reply you quoted is definitely valid and up to date.

    Thanks for your reply, but i'm still confused.

    @OhEmGe wrote, that the Mods communicated the info that Aeria data will be transferred to Steam.

    Your Helix reply was, that "we didn't mention anything about data transfer once reaching Steam".

    In this context, your reply was kinda concerning, but thanks for your clarification Monsieur  ;)

  • This is false information.No moderator said that the Asian players will be able to transfer. He is most likely mixing up the plans for the EU/NA/SA version with the Asian version.

    Apart from that, no new servers get added during this process. Everything will basically stay how it is. Steam is just another way to connect to the already existing servers.

  • I can see many players trying the ballistic shield. I did have concerns before that it is going to ruin the gameplay or something.

    Luckily only deagle is allowed there, and it is pretty weak. It does increase the skill gap when aiming at shielded players but that part is fine.

    The shield is massively useful for staying alive, but not so much for getting frags. The most annoying part for the attacker that the shield protects pretty well from explosions, firefly etc. Still, it is not a game breaking mechanics, so the meta wont' change really that much.

    Me personally getting trigger finger ready for the remote bomb executions. Throwing a RB behind a shielded player and then instantly exploding is kinda satisfying, just needs to be performed not fast but lighting fast.

    However if they had paired the shield with let's say crossbow... Oh, that wud be so OP then :P Better not give the developers any ideas on this though....

  • Gotta stop you right there chief. Pull up your shield, move your crosshair onto the opponents head, quickly aim and shoot before pulling up the shield again. Bam, you've just instantly killed someone while for them you never lowered your shield.

    Shields right now are in the same broken spot they were when they were first added to the RU and Asian versions and provided you can quickly line up a headshot you will be essentially unstoppable.

  • Shields have pretty much ruined any enjoyment I got from the game, so I'm kind of done right now. Really awful addition to the game that is the antithesis of everything that was good about it.

    Also, new spawn bug.

    Also, the lootbox changes are just horrible.

    Also, no new ranked season, achievements still bugged, maps still bugged.

    Also, new diagonal skins are blue quality at best.

    Also duel queue is dead already, and I'm not surprised.

    I'll let you know what I think of the tower map if I ever see it.

    Very disappointed right now.

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  • Not a whole lot I'm liking with this update.

    The good:

    I like the new map, when I'm not having random fps drops on it.

    Haven't had the game crash when changing drones between matches yet.

    The bad:

    Biggest irritations:

    Being stuck in place at the start of the match. It's more common now, as in 5 matches straight this happened, each time from a lobby, not from being dropped in mid match.

    Shields. Horrible idea. Noobles explains it simply and accurately.

    Random fps drops. Getting them several maps, not just one spot on downtown now.

    Other gripes noticed, in no particular order:

    Zoom on main screen was increased to chop off character's feet and shins, but achievements in progress still shows achievement that has zero progress. (Progress implies that it's currently being worked on, not waiting to start being worked on lol. Would still rather see one I'm working on.)

    Knife kill bug still there. Lol.

    Several of the special reload animations still have visual bugs on them. About half the time reloading the player has an invisible clip in hand and doesn't kick the existing one out. Goes through the motions and takes the time to reload, but the clip in hand isn't there and the one in the gun never leaves it.

    Achievements still bugged, have ranks 4 and 5 of most of achieves available at the same time while also already being completed. And ones that should be completed and are easily proven as completed are not, like the gun masteries and map or action ones.

    Still have to choose drones for all loadouts instead of being able to customize them for each loadout. (I despise this idea and hated when it was introduced, pisses me off every time I look at the loadouts screen.)

    Box changes are beyond horrible. Still no way to work towards a skin or pay for it except for buying stupid amounts of boxes and praying. Now you can't even try for specific skin type like fire monkey or angry monkey or whatever. (Btw, those diagonal skins have to be the laziest orange skin yet. Looks like someone took two colors, wrote Ironsight on it, stuck them on top of each other in a paint program and then copy/pasted it onto a gun repeatedly.) And the addition of Timed nades and ammunition to the crates is insulting. I got a 1 day throwing knife from a crate. (30% from a 'superior' crate? Seriously, what the holy ****... Not getting any more crates then.)

    The random:

    Why is it in the preview we can turn the shield all the way around and view from any side, but still only able to turn the guns about 1/3 of the way?

    What's with the new sounds? The hissing one when match starting is simply annoying and why replace the countdown tick with the sneaker squeak? The one when opening a crate is just flat out weird, no idea why an equipment crate/gun case would sound like that when being opened lol.

    Duel mode. Tried it, not for me. I prefer the part of the game that rewards tactics and working as a team.

    (I'm praying this patch was a Halloween trick and not the actual patch.)

  • Long time player here. I tried the riot shield, I didn't think it was OP. People will eventually get used to playing against it like any other new content. My main gripe about the update is the +90% sway to the Viper Scope. Yes Snipers are strong, but if you play literally any other FPS game, they have always been strong. That's what makes them fun to use. I understand the nerfs to the DSR and Blaser, but another +90% sway to the viper scope on top of the sniper nerfs makes it very unusable considering it is most popular attachment in competitive sniping. I know people can choose other attachments but purely targeting that single attachment with such a big nerf is very questionable. At this point in time I have moved on to other games. I may comeback when development progress for the Aeria/Gamigo versions match the pace of the Asian version.


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  • This update has not brought to the game anything that can be said that the game will evolve, high ranking players have nothing to offer

    Duel match, as players with players closer to the servers will always exist this kind of advantage and disadvantage. I play whit 30/40 ms, german player whit 5/10 ms or maybe less an example.

    Shield is for clowning, if u want lose games use the shield, u need to pray because after all is no team work

    I speak for myself that the mechanics of the game is good, is very poorly used, the event is 3 boxes with 10 chips each, the hallowen packs are 50 euros for 4 guns a head and 1 title, title which is the year not even bothered to create new ones.

    The events here come slowly, and is this honestly of interest to you? 30 CHIPS and buy PACKS for 20 and 50 euros?

    This game's SD its drones and camping,

    6 player parties with levels 200 or more to do completely without any interest, almost of the time.

    The game could only have 4 weapons because the others become useless if we really want to win games or make good scores, because they are P90, ARX, AUG and DSR, the others can go to waste

    It seems very difficult for something to happen in this game, now we will have a new map in a year and a few more skins for 50 euros each weapon, this creates no illusion but disappointment, after all you want players I think and not close the game because after all no one buy items for 30 euros or 40 or 50 euros, I've seen it for 80 euros, crazy

    What I find amazing is that the daily prizes have never changed during this 2 years almost!

    Maybe this game is directed to Germans and French, because from other countries players do not stay in the game, I speak from experience.

    Sorry for my frontality, but I've seen neighborhood companies with more skills than wiplegames and gamigo.

    And there was a lot more to say, but it's not worth it, because you can also realize that this is a forum and you are admins of a forum nothing more

  • If they add “overkill” perk then prob its more useable

    Well, you are able to use a Deagle with the shield, which is pinpoint accurate, however, it needs the player to have good aim (You cannot hipfire with it). That's probably another reason why players are not comfortable with it.

    And also better netcode


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  • The game could only have 4 weapons because the others become useless if we really want to win games or make good scores, because they are P90, ARX, AUG and DSR, the others can go to waste

    Roflcopter <3

    After the patch I feel liek all SMGs become somewhat less valuable? Before that P90 was like almost top weapon in the game for close to mid range but not really anymore. ARs now much better. Still not bad close range but overpowering mid-range. This is a very good change in line with other FPS.

    Other points, though I dont particularly play S&D so my points mostly for the rest of the game modes:

    1. Vector was and still is, t3h king of close range combat.

    2. MP7, MP5, even PP90 and PP2000 are still very powerful close range.

    3. What about PDR and LWRC? They are very good both close and mid range. Need to try them both after update though

    (i already have mastery-5 on both of them so dont' use them normally).

    4. ARX and AUG are gr8, of course. But no way uberOP. In fact me personally still does not understand all that fascination with AUG.

    I prefer G36C personally.

    5. Some other VERY popular ARs with players who do alotta kills -- famas, g36c, k2c, an94 and of course the last but not the least -- semi-autos. HK417/M39 are fantastic weapons especially for people who have trigger fingers (macros is for loosers!)

    6. I've been using the DSR for a while. Had to get some aim first etc. Then I switched to a proper sniper and consider now that both blaser&dsr are only for loosers. The proper sniper has a high skill gap which I haven't quite reached yet. If you really master this it is practically unstoppable.