The WORST map in Ironsight?

  • Which map is the WORST map currently available in Ironsight? 25

    1. Ironwork (7) 28%
    2. Oceanfront (5) 20%
    3. Dam (3) 12%
    4. Downtown (3) 12%
    5. Cloud 9 (2) 8%
    6. Cruise (1) 4%
    7. Island (1) 4%
    8. Outpost (1) 4%
    9. Mart (1) 4%
    10. Titan (1) 4%
    11. Special Guest for those who played it - Tower (0) 0%
    12. Airport (0) 0%
    13. Biolab (0) 0%

    Good morning, evening or whatever time it may be, fellow Ironsight connoisseurs. It's your favorite head of the Neil Wild fanclub, Noobles!

    You may have seen us having a civilised discussion about this in the Discord channel (and by civilised, it was clearly a heated debate) about which map is the worst in Ironsight! Now, in preperation for the upcoming Tower patch, we (me) are creating a poll to decide once and for all which is the worst map to ever grace our battlefields! Cast your vote by choosing which map you dislike the most and you will have a chance of winning one of the fantastic prizes listed below!

    1. A chip! Not one that can be spent in-game, but Neil left his half-eaten maccies laying around and lets just say they're currently available for auction.
    2. Endless gratification from your fellow peers who voted for the same map as you! The best hatred is those shared with friends. <3

    And of course, the best prize of all, the feelings of grandeur that comes with voting on a rather meaningless poll on a web forum! What's not to love!

    You have a little over 1 week to choose, and ONLY one vote, so pick wisely and tell your friends to join in on the fun. So cast your vote today and do your part in bringing the community together with relatable feelings of disdain for certain underwhelming arenas!

  • Upcoming "Tower-Patch" .... interesting.

    A vote with the new Map already added .... hm hm hmmm

    Poll stays for "a little over 1 week" ... well well well.

    Scenario 1: Poll is useless right from the start, as none of the NA/SA/EU players has seen the Tower Map ... and neither will within a week. :evil:

    Scenario 2: Nobby Nobbs missed to tell us, that the Patch is right in front of our door, so we can make our vote after we had the chance to play the new map. :/

    Scenario 3: My Dear Captain oh Captain Noobles is an inveterate optimist ;)

  • Hey don't shoot me down sir, I'm just the head of the fan club and not affiliated with HQ.

    I was also informed that some undercover ops had done some "virtous -protected guffins" to root, toot and shoot around Tower when it was made available to the Russian and Asian mercs

  • As a player who has played the Tower map, I can assure you its not too bad and it seems well balanced on both sides (it isn't possible to spawn camp, unlike C9, Oceanfront and Mart) however, it feels rather small, but then again, all (almost) maps in ironsight are small.

    Hellbirds and Zuses have a very hard time in this map, as there is a lot of overhead cover. A blade drone may still be able to cris-cross through them, but it would need some experience to pull off. (Imagine those dropper maps in Minecraft.)

  • Alright mercs, it's officially time to close that poll! Thanks to everyone who voted! Now, onto the results.

    We can deduce that Ironworks is the least favorite map with 28% of the votes, followed closely by Oceanfront with 20%! I strongly agree with Ironwork being the worst of the bunch, but Oceanfront? Wasn't expecting that.

    Dam and Downtown are joint 3rd place with 12% each. This surprises me, purely because Downtown isn't, in my humblest opinion, a bad map; it's just only playable on a single mode. Downtown TDM when?

    Cloud9 follows next with 8% of the remaining vote. The hatred for Cloud9 must follow from all of the angry shroud fans people with acrophobia (a fear of heights).

    In last place with equal votes are Titan, Mart, Outpost, Island and Cruise, with 4% each. I'm surprised that Outpost and Island have so little votes, given how often I see you mercs skip them when they appear in the map roster.

    Finally, we have Biolab and Airport, which according to you lot are FLAWLESS maps and the true pinnacle of arena combat.

    Of course, Tower also received no votes, but as that was added after the poll was made, and given how many players had not experienced Tower and/or had voted before, this can be forgiven. That or it's also a perfect map; I like the spinny bit in the middle.

    And that concludes the poll. Big thanks to everyone who voted! Prizes for voting will be distributed soon!12

    [1] Postage and packaging for reward 1 not included

    [2] You must ask your peers for the gratification. I will not say "give X a hug for voting the same map as you". You must do that yourself

  • Many thanks for this useful poll!

  • but....but....oceanfront its beautiful :///

    Agreed. I would put it into Tier2 maps easily. Tier1 for me would be Titan, Cruise and Airport.

    Regarding DAM map -- it could use some redesign. Nothing major though. It has a huge underpass which should be really removed or changed, for starters. Another problem -- it has a lot of cranes and other structures on top. Makes it very challenging to hit any drones or even worse -- hellbirds with a launcher. And even if you able to launch it quite often it actually hits a structure and wasted.

  • Tower hands down.

    Its bad enough every single map in this game follows the CoD 3 lane formula, but when you hard limit the ways to cross from lane to lane, it creates an imbalance that only promotes sitting in one spot and waiting for people to run down those lanes.