Thank you support

  • Since i have problem with my nickname,Support team decide to help me,about my nickname in game.At this point i really want to thank you all devs and support. It means alot to me.
    And also i want to inform people who are rude with me and didnt help me. That i didnt spam none of tickets,and nicely ask for help. You should help to new players and give them advice,and dont anoying on other threat on forum,to players who have problem. Thank you.:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    I just one more question about item that i should get, didnt appear in my inventory. What sould i do?
    is there any way to check it without contact support again.
    Items is (Callsign) which is missing. Cheers:):):):):):):)

  • Congratulations in this case. I didn't want to be mean and just and advice to not spam them and why the decition of the support is justified. If you got it wrong I am sorry.

    Regarding the other question about the item. Eitherway you get it trough Admin Tool, then you'll see it in-game (in the cart) and here: https://ironsight.aeriagames.c…all/cart/purchase-history
    Or you get it with the game tool, then you should see it in-game only.

    Until the item is send it takes a while. Mostly 1-3 days.