Support Team

  • Hello Dalton,

    I regret to inform that the support team might not have been able to reply in time yesterday, since they had other tickets to recover due to the german holiday last thursday. The support is always working on tickets from monday to friday. The next possible day that you'll be able to receive a reply will be on monday.


  • a ok thank you,u now my nickname its part of the email which i use for other stuff, so i am scared off, cuz there is alotof mean people who could probbably hack,or give try to enter on my mail. Everything could happen. Cheers. Btw Ironsight very good game i play it every day its similar to old Ghost recon Phantoms. only thnih no 3 p mod.

  • because i am 50+ lvl 20 guns i unlocked 10 with skins 2x charm slot and 220 k gold ingame curency and also i buy ap for 15 dolars i think. every my gun is 25 lvl.

    So its hard to play it again... Also i dont want to have multiple accounts.