Add Free-For-All game mode to matchmaking

  • I can't put a number on how many times I've gotten 30+, 40+, even 50+ kills and lost a TDM match because of bad teammates or playing against a full party.

    In fact, my highest kill game was a TDM match that we still lost :rolleyes:

    On the other hand, a loss in FFA where usually the highest skilled player wins is fair and perfectly acceptable for me. No relying on teammates, just yourself.

    Many other high skilled players that I play with regularly share the same thoughts.

    It would be nice to see FFA added to matchmaking. I know it already exists in custom matches so surely it must be a simple change to implement.

    I think it would greatly increase the enjoy-ability of this game for people that prefer FFA.

  • From my experience it seems the teams do get balanced after one match if you end up in the same lobby of players again. There's no real way to have proper balancing without breaking the party functionality or adding a separate TDM mode that doesn't allow them.

    Balanced or not, I'd still much prefer to play FFA over TDM.

  • To that matter, please add indication in the UI before the match starts. I.e. the players in a party need to be highlighted in a different color. This way we would know if it is worth joining the match (as nearly 99% you would be against any large party rather on the same team).

  • Free-For-All, selectable team matches are a must. Too bad we have to go through Aeria to get Wipple Games to take notice of this (no offense Aeria).

    Ehhhh, you can join the developers discord, visit their Facebook page and more...
    I mean, Aeria Games gets what Wiple Games provides and can't change much, even tho Aeria Games is the publisher.

    And also they have a "well optimized" website and an integrated, as well "very optimized" contact form: :D