Trion Worlds Technical Support Not working

  • I did not receive the [GIFT] Bounty Hunt: Community Challenge #01 and UNITYDAY items. They are marked as pending in my purchase history, however, they were not delivered in my account (they are not in the storage).

    I opened a ticket with Trion, but I cannot follow it up... it is impossible to login Trion and no answer so far.

    Please, help.

  • Hello Akamanaah,

    to properly write a ticket for Ironsight please select non glyph games before writing a ticket.

    Non glyph games are all games that don't need a glyph launcher to start a game and are not published by Trion. Example for non glyph games are Ironsight, Florensia, S4League, Shaiya and so on. Glyph games are games which are published directly by Trion and require a new account before you're able to write a ticket. Supported games for that are for example Archeage, Rift, and Defiance and so on.

    I hope I could clear up your misunderstanding of why you couldn't write a ticket


  • Hey Helix, thanks for the answer.

    This is not the first ticket I open for Ironsight, since the ticket system was changed, so I know how it works.

    For previous ticket it was possible to track in Trion site and check the progress, just fine... now I cannot even enter the site and no answer from them so far.