[EVENT] Ironsight - a haiku

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    You know what gets really exhausting over time? Running all day long to catch your enemy. Carrying your DSR-1 around for hours on end. (That thing is HEAVY!) Coming home late at night, only to clean your guns and equipment, and then repeat everything tomorrow.

    Yeah, mercenary work is some tedious business, right? That's why we believe that every mercenary needs a creative outlet to take the edge off every now and then. How about some poetry for a change, then?


    Your task is to surprise HQ with a nice work of poetry. But not any old poem will do - HQ wants a haiku! You know how this works, right? First line, 5 syllables. Then 7 syllables in the second line, and again 5 syllables in the third. Easy enough!

    The content can be whatever you want, whether it's "lore-ish" or meta, as long as it's about Ironsight. Here are two examples we... obtained... from HQ's paper bin while they weren't looking:

    Sarah, Victor, Neil
    Holiday on a cruise ship
    No one died that day

    Ironsight release
    Two years in development
    Coming out when? #soon!

    And now for a little twist: We'll let YOU, the community, be the judge this time! After the event ends, we'll post a collection of all submissions and then you may cast your votes. In case of a tie, we will of course still reserve the right to be the tiebreakers. But more on that once all the submissions are in!

    ATTENTION: Please post your haiku in English, so that everyone may understand and judge it. Of course, your language proficiency and knowledge of grammatical rules are only of secondary importance.


    The event starts on Wednesday, October 2, as soon as it is posted. It ends on Wednesday, October 16, 11:59pm CEST. No submissions posted after this time will be accepted!

    We will then post the aforementioned compilation and let you cast your votes until Sunday, October 20, 11:59pm CEST. No votes cast after this time will be accepted!

    Finally, we will announce the winners on Monday, October 21.


    The submission with the most votes will be rewarded with a Special (Orange) weapon of choice and 50 CHIPs.

    The submission with the second-most votes will be rewarded with an Advanced (Blue) weapon of choice and 35 CHIPs.

    Every other serious participant will be rewarded with 20 CHIPs and 1 Charm Slot Ticket.

    Everyone who casts at least one vote will receive 10 CHIPs. Participants in the event may also cast their vote. Please put all the votes you want to cast in a single post.


    - Only one submission per participant and per Callsign.
    - Submissions that to not follow the haiku format explained above will not be accepted.
    - Please submit your haiku in English.
    - Do not submit anything inappropriate!
    - We reserve the right to disqualify any submission that may constitute a breach of our rules of this contest or our Terms of Service.
    - Every submission to this contest can and will be used by Aeria Games, Wiple Games and/or gamigo for promotional purposes.
    - There will be no exceptions for submissions posted after the event ends, or for votes after the voting period ends.
    - Any other reply to the submission forum thread that doesn't match the topic will be deleted.
    - In case of a tie, the winners will be decided by the Community Managers and Moderators.

  • sleeping, all, day

    waking up, no update... still

    waiting for new maps

    IGN: hiddenx

    Orange Special Weapon: Angry Monkey FAMAS G2

    Blue Advanced Weapon: Chrome M4 ACC-M

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  • Alright everyone, the submission phase is now officially over! Thank you all for your awesome poetry, it was a lot of fun to read. :)

    Here now is the compilation of your submissions:


    Ironsight will ban

    Cheaters ruin the game play

    That's all I will say


    Fire DSR dead you are

    Blood on the floor runs free

    A mission complete


    Death lurks everywhere

    In all maps I will be there

    Play with me I dare


    After killing drones

    Who spoted my position

    In the battlefield!


    There's something with Neil

    His hair blowing in the breeze

    He's the wildest lad


    My shots are like Rambo's

    But wait, who comes to jump?

    With P90, I will cry


    sleeping, all, day

    waking up, no update... still

    waiting for new maps


    Next month i will say.

    BlackFriday comming away.

    I spend points all day!


    Ironsight's best place

    Where Sarah shoot enemies

    Hellbird fly around

    And now comes the time for you to vote! Until Sunday, October 20, at 11:59pm CEST, cast your votes right here by posting with the following template:

    My IGN:

    Favourite haiku by: (name of user)

    Remember, there's a 10 CHIP reward for everyone who casts their vote! ;) If you submitted a haiku yourself, you may also cast your vote, and you will receive the reward for voting along with the reward for your submission.

    If there is a draw between two or more haikus, the CMs will act as tiebreakers.

    On Monday, October 21, we will announce the winner and 2nd place, and send out all your rewards.

    Happy voting!

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