Bounty Hunt: Community Challenge

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    I've got a new task for you! HQ has reported increased enemy activity in all sectors! Something big must be brewing up...

    This situation is of course less than ideal, so I need YOU to sort it out. And not just you alone, Mercenary, but all your squad mates, friends, and acquaintances, too! Hell, you can bring your grandma if she can hold a gun, I really don't care as long as you take out those hostiles!


    This weekend, simply get as many kills as you can! Weapons, maps, game modes - they all don't matter this time. What matters, however, is that EVERYONE who can participates in this clean-up operation.

    That's why this one is a COMMUNITY challenge. You will receive rewards based on the total number of kills gotten by the whole community. To give you some numbers, this is how many kills you all achieve on a normal weekend:

    • Weekend from September 6 to 9: 1,018,887 kills
    • Weekend from September 13 to 16: 1,237,477 kills

    Only games played via normal matchmaking will be counted towards your score - no Custom Matches, PvE or anything else!

    There is no in-game counter for this event, the number of kills will be pulled from our database.


    This event starts on Friday, September 27, at 6pm CEST. It ends on Monday, September 30, at 11:59pm CEST. Only kills gotten during this time will be counted.


    Everyone who played during this event will receive rewards based on the tier the community as a whole achieved.

    • Tier 1 - 900,000 total kills: 10,000 GP
    • Tier 2 - 1,000,000 total kills: 25,000 GP + 20 CHIPs
    • Tier 3 - 1,100,000 total kills: 40,000 GP + 30 CHIPs + 7 Days GP & XP Boost
    • Tier 4 - 1,250,000 total kills: 50,000 GP + 40 CHIPs + 7 Days GP & XP Boost + 7 Days Claymore
    • Tier 5 - 1,500,000 total kills: 75,000 GP + 50 CHIPs + 14 Days GP & XP Boost + 7 Days Claymore + 7 Days Smoke Grenade

    However, we will not be giving out rewards to anyone sleeping on the job! You will have to get at least 10 kills yourself to be eligible for the rewards!

    Of course, we would still like to honour our most heavy hitters, and this is why there are also some individual rewards in addition to the ones from above.

    • Most kills: 5 Bounty Boxes
    • 2nd most kills: 4 Bounty Boxes
    • 3rd most kills: 3 Bounty Boxes
    • 4th most kills: 2 Bounty Boxes
    • 5th most kills: 1 Bounty Box

    (A Bounty Box is a bundle that contains: 1 Angry Monkey Box, 3 Supply Boxes, 3 GP & XP Boosts for 1 Day each.)

    That's it, plain and simple. I know you can do this, Mercenaries! Make me proud!

    By the way, if you're looking for a nice new firearm to take your enemies out in style, have a look at the current offers on the Black Market. I hear they're currently throwing stuff out for almost nothing. That really sweet looking Kraken Desert Eagle for example. And some really cheap boxes where you can actually pick the weapon that you want!

    Now, doesn't that sound juicy? Have a look:

  • Bounty Hunt: Community Challenge is over!

    YOU'VE DONE IT! 1,876,113 kills! You're INSANE! We can hardly believe it ourselves. Congratulations, Mercenaries! Rewards have been sent to all players that got at least 10 kills themselves.

    The Top 5 who received extra rewards are:

    • 1st place: lucasadrianmorae - 1,609 kills
    • 2nd place: Contrary - 1,542 kills
    • 3rd place: Janizu - 1,292 kills
    • 4th place: _Kray_ - 1,281 kills
    • 5th place: **ZEN** - 1,265 kills

    Guess we'll have to make the next one a bit more challenging... ;)

  • i am too lazy for a support ticket... but it changed somehow and i got some things in my inventory. Still missing 25k gp and 50chips but its going forward haha


  • Hello everyone, sorry for the delay with some of your rewards. Sometimes when we send out a lot of items at once, some of the sendouts get "stuck" in the system. I've reviewed all your sendouts and it seems most of them resolved themselves during the week. Where this didn't happen by itself, I've send you the missing items again. Long story short, you should all have your rewards now. :)