[EVENT] Find the target

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    Most of you have been here for quite some time, and HQ has decided that now is the time to give you all some more responsibilities. That’s why today, we are opening up a new team: The Scout Division!

    I’m sure you’re very excited and would like to know how to become a part of the Scout Division. Simple: Find the designated targets all around the Earth and make a report about them.

    For each mission, we’ll provide you with some information about the target and if possible also it’s rough location.

    You’ll certainly be rewarded handsomely for your efforts. The individual mission dossiers will specify what’s in store for you.

    Get ready, Scout Division!


    Next mission starts in:


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    To: All mercenaries

    From: Aeria Games HQ

    At: 10:00am CEST - Monday 09 September, 2019.

    Hey mercenary,

    We got some new orders for you!

    Situation: A squad reported a new target in our area. As part of our newly created Scout Division, get ready for the fight and find the target. Once found, file your report.

    Order from: HQ.

    Target: A shipment of supplies has just been dropped in one of the combat zones. Check this information and make a full report..

    Order: Take a photo (screenshot) of the target and report it.

    Attachments: You are alone on this mission, Mercenary. It’s everyone for themselves.

    Deployment: Immediate.

    Administrative information: Cooperating with any other Mercenary is strictly forbidden! Submitting more than one mission report per mercenary is strictly forbidden! You must file your report before the end of the mission. Early reports are allowed.

    Additional information: Reporting squad was situated is this area:



    First correct response: 1 Royal Jester (Rare) PP-90M1 for 14 Days + 25 CHIPs

    2nd and 3rd correct responses: 1 Celebrations (Special) PDR-C for 14 Days + 15 CHIPs

    4th till 10th correct responses: 1 Chrome (Advanced) LWRC 45 for 14 Days + 10 CHIPs

    Every other correct response: 5 CHIPs



    File your report