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    I've got another special task for you, but this time with a little twist. The targets I need you to take down aren't exactly... moving.

    I've gotten reports of multiple explosives being placed in critical locations all around the globe. If this threat remains unchecked, the outcome could be catastrophic! I can't let that happen, but at the same time, I can hardly defuse all of them by myself. This is where you come in!


    The task is simple: Play as many Search and Destroy matches as you can! You will receive rewards based on the number of SnD matches you've played.

    Only games played via normal matchmaking will be counted towards your score - no Custom Matches!

    There is no in-game counter for this event, the number of matches played will be pulled from our database.

    Note: For the purpose of this event, it doesn't matter which side you play the matches on (i.e. if you plant or defuse the bomb), only that you played an SnD match.


    This Bounty Hunt begins on Friday, 30th August at 6PM CEST and ends on Monday, 2nd September, 11:59PM CEST. No matches played before or after this period will count towards your total score!


    For making the world a safer place, I will reward you handsomely... as I always do. Here's what I've got in store for you:

    • 5 Search and Destroy Matches: 1,000 GP
    • 10 Search and Destroy Matches: 1,000 GP + 7 Day Sticky Grenade + 7 Day Explosive Knife
    • 25 Search and Destroy Matches: 3,000 GP + 5 CHIPs
    • 50 Search and Destroy Matches: 5,000 GP + 10 CHIPs
    • 100 Search and Destroy Matches: 10,000 GP + 7 Day 30% EXP Boost + 7 Day 30% GP Boost + 25 CHIPs
    • 150+ Search and Destroy Matches: 20,000 GP + 50 CHIPs

    These rewards are meant as milestones. Assuming you play the full 150+ matches, this will net you:

    • 40,000 GP
    • 90 CHIPs
    • 7 Day Sticky Grenade
    • 7 Day Explosive Knife
    • 7 Day 30% EXP Boost
    • 7 Day 30% GP Boost

    Don't take this lightly, Mercenaries. Those bombs will be heavily guarded! Nonetheless, I trust in your skills - I know you won't disappoint me.

    We'll talk again after the job is done!