[Feedback] Balancing

  • No need for introduction of this thread... besides having said that balancing makes varieties that exists not to be underpowered nor overpowered against other weapons but only need skills to overcome their weakness and strength against others and abusing mechanics to gain advantages against other players


    Decrease hipfire accuracy - whats so fun about a noob camping and just hipfire all day at you

    Increase jumping accuracy penalty - I don't even think this exists or just barely

    Increase moving hipfire accuracy penalty - whats so fun about a noob walking with no feather step perk and just hipfire all day at you

    Moving shotguns to primary weapons and buff - should I knife or use smg to kill instead of relying on the shotgun to kill?

    Buff/fix knifing - I can just stand at the closest I possible can to an afk enemy and miss a knife. Nice dodge.

    Make jumping uses stamina - Lets have a bunny hop race.

    Increase accuracy for SMG but emphasize the drop-off damage - A SMG that shoots 9mm has worse accuracy than an AR... weak arms.

    Some SMG don't need damage multiplier as they have fast ROF - Lets make every gun the most OP we can throw at it.

    Increase range for AR especially ARX except AUG - Lets just delete all other ARs and use AUG and maybe ARX.

    Increase accuracy to some AR - Still weak arms.

    Nerf SR advantages (list below) - Forget Ironsight end of this year, COD MW is worth its price then.

    1. Cycling chamber should force ads out

    2. Blacken the peripheral vision on magnification scope beyond thermal sight (because have you even look through a binoculars)

    3. Make all ads time on each SR and scope the same

    4. Make flinch be magnified by the respective magnification of scope when ads

    5. Increase sway when not holding breath

    6. Fix holding breath when you do try to press that key

    7. Darken the scope crosshairs

    Bullet types as attachments - why don't we make it like other p2w fps. one attachment for sights, one attachment for barrel, one attachment for handling and one attachment for bullet types!

    Delete soft point bullets - I know! lets make skilled players miss when they aim for headshots and ill shoot their legs.


    From fast aiming down sight time to slowest.

    1. SMG at 0.2 seconds

    2. AR at 0.3 seconds

    3. Blaser at 0.35 seconds (for all you blaser lovers)

    3. SR and LMG at 0.4 seconds

    4. DSR at 0.45 seconds

    Watch when and if shotgun becomes primaries, new meta - shotgun with laser sight and one of those barrels, marathon perk, fast reload, blast shield.


    <3Yellow Star with dark Background<3

    <3Celebrations DSR<3

    <3Quickscoping most of the time<3





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