I’ve tried everything known to man

  • I’m still constantly getting disconnected from server usually every 10-20 minutes and I’m about to have to walk away, I’ve tried everything I could find in forums and it only happens in this game .

  • I’m USA. Ping is around 46 or lower typically . It never says anything about having too high a ping . My buddy has internet troubles and it tells him . I have google fios, I also used Verizon internet with the same results just try and find the exact source of the issue . My cmd ping to google.com is 39-40ms. Also, when the pop up says disconnected from server, I can still see players moving around me with no lag at all . It makes no good sense . Thanks for the reply, even if you can’t help .

  • ohemGee . Both, same results . I used lan for a weekend and it did not make any difference. It's not internet related, it's going to be something else from all the trouble shooting I've done and ive also brought home a network analyzer . Unless it turns out to be some kinda port issue . I play ironsight and 3-6 other games regularly with only trouble In ironsight as well .

  • that's what I'm wondering. Here is the kicker . I can hotspot my phone with barley any service and as long as the ping stays below 400ms I never disconnect and If it does i'm alerted but with my fiber internet I get 36 ms ping typically with random disconnects with no mentioned of being disconnected due to internet. I'm also not really disconnected because people continue to play the match around me . It makes me think what your saying is deff the issue . I wonder if it's port related

  • Its not anti cheat, I only know that because I used my phones hotspot and got only 2 mbps with up and down ping and did not disconnect even once . I used my friends crappy dsl and never disconnected . Yet my fiber internet that’s running beautifully, I’m constantly disconnected . I’ve got to figure out the issue to get any help from my provider . They can’t help me when my internet is running perfectly and I can’t tell them why it’s disconnecting so much .