saving frontline

  • yup here we go

    i know i know saving frontline what the hell but yes its true my first map played in game and i still love it sad that the devs... didnt put it in sp... slot

    i dont understand that it is basically a sp... map lots of you killers and others say it lags or its to big etc... well lets put our heads together to give input

    in making it better so devs... can save it

  • Personally, I love frontline, and I'd really need to understand why people don't love it in order to make suggestions. So please, tell us why you hate frontline, you frontline hating cheesepuffs!

  • Frontline is one of my favourite modes, perhaps because I feel that I am in a team, something similar to "Secure the Zone", where every member takes care not only of the zone but also their teammates.

    Frontline +1

  • If devs can make maps that big as maps for fl why not make it for other modes too and with less obstacles


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