Back and ready for changes

  • Hey Ironguys,

    I am back after a longer break and I thought why not having a look again (especially since the netcode was changed).

    As I have also seen that Russia and Asia have now different publishers I was curious about actual differences between the version (especially stats for weapons and maps).

    So I took the freedom to check the actual stats from the xml within the game data and saw that the accuracy factor for the Asian version for the HK417 is actually lower than the Aeria one (from 60 in Aeria version to 57 in EU version).

    Not sure how many more changes are there, but those balance changes might come to EU/NA then as well, which is already a good sign that we do get more changes.

    An example for a change between the versions is the AR-57 as well. The spread is being adjusted, not sure how huge the different effect will be:











    Not sure if we get all changes or if some changes will not come, but still exciting to see more stuff (like NEW DOGTAGS as well)

  • So I wasn't going crazy!

    I play the Asian version (live in SEA). I noticed that hipfire accuracy felt kinda worse. But I couldn't tell if it was just me or not.

    So it seems they did nerf hipfire, a change that might happen in the future in NA and EU I guess.

  • It would definitive good, cause some weapons are just too good with the hipfire and aiming down sight doesn't really benefit you (besides of snipers or detecting sight).

    Maybe I'll dig deeper in some things or maybe other people see interest in some comparison from different versions (like the russian version being different than as well).

    (No wonder wiple takes long for different patches, if they develop different version)

  • I really hope they don't nerf hipfire. It would slow the game down unnecessarily.

    As for there being no advantage to ADS... not if you're within 10m of your target maybe. But why would you be ADS there, anyway?

  • Isn't majority of the confrontations in map design are around 10 meters?

    Even the new Tower map feels too small. ?(

    Depends on map and playstyle.

    What I see is a lot of ppl picking the wrong weapon for their style or the map and then complaining that other weapons are cheap or OP.

    If you constantly find yourself getting blasted by SMGs, toe to toe, while you're running an LMG, then you either have the wrong weapon equipped or are positioning badly.

    Mostly though, the ppl complaining about SMGs blame it on the weapon when the truth is they're not reacting fast enough.

  • I think the only "big" maps are currently Downtown (obviously) and Ironwork. All other maps are indeed pretty small (might be between 20 x 10 or 30 x 15 meter for most of them), so the effectiveness is not much in general for shotguns (Spas12 as well)

    Additionally what I think is a bigger nerf between Aeria and Asia is the fact of accuracy and actual speed of the AR-57:





    Asia version:




    So that might be as well why Aadi888 sees a difference there when playing on Asian server, might dig deeper in it additional, cause I am actually excited to see stuff like the new map tower playing out with the new nerfs (and potential buffs and new gun???).

    A few parts from the trailer seems actually great: