Remove Softbullets / ALL bullet types

  • You should never have a bullet type in a fps game where you're having a "competitive scene" which is by the way trash because the devs refuse to balance snipers ( even cs:go had to acknowledge snipers are way to strong, and then this game comes along and introduced several objects which other games removed for the better )

    Soft bullets increase recoil for the enemy by flinching - which is so anti-skill mechanism and should NEVER been in the game.

    you can't have a competitive scene and introduce some of the worst things in the game and expect people to like it - same with the thermal scopes/sight remove them -

    R6 recently had to do that with Glaz because it contains zero skill to throw a smoke and see thought it

    This game contains so much bs that other games removed because it cant be balanced. ye sure we can all run thermal scopes then - that's pretty silly

    i'm not sure why the devs keeps expecting a competitive scene when they're literally removing the concept of skill in the game

    When the game should literally be called hipfire, because ironsight is literally useless:rolleyes:

  • I agree with the bullet types but in fact I think they are adding more. The Asian version has like 4 now.

    I agree with the smokes + detecting sight too, kind of kills the reason why smokes are used in the first place. Comp tournies in the past usually have rules about no detecting sights which makes it better.

    I genuinely don't think any of the devs/support team really play this game much less understand competitive FPS mechanics.


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  • Much agreed. Bullet attachments really needs to go from ironsight, and have the empty slot instead work as a universal third attachment slot.

    I'm just glad the magnum bullet does not increase the HS damage by a high amount. SP bullets are better than those imo. (From Asia. Used it).

    EMP bullets, though, are pretty strong.

    I'm wondering how the upcoming shields will work. Being able to attack while shielded feels broken af.