Resource Takeover... Am I the only one?

  • Has this ever happened to anyone? ?(

    People don't know or aren't playing the objective almost altogether. The top player on opposing team has 44 kills and collected 0 resources.

    Granted there are many newer players, but 80-20 and I'm the only one on my team to get resources?

  • Happens nearly every game. Players consider it TDM.

    Check the creative corner thread, some players bathe in their own glory of how many kills they get on a resource map without playing the objective.

    If you aren't grouped you may find it less frustrating to go into settings and remove the check from that mode. I only play TDM when I solo queue anymore.

    ***If I'm on your team and I'm shooting at you, then there is someone behind you!***

  • Yep, happens to me most of the time. No one has an interest on playing the objective. Players only want kills, as they find it more rewarding or "fun" to them...

    Another problem is that players who are going for kills think that the other players will go for the objective, which never really happens because everyone wants kills. :rolleyes:

    The amount of times this happens infuriates me to a point that I almost never play RT. In SP at least some players play the objective because they think they will get more kills by camping the point (indirectly doing the objective). Even then I still find few who are on the other side of the map, while the enemy is on the point.

  • Is not that they don't know how to play, is that they are very frustrated bcs can't get kills in tdm and play only for kills in those "objective modes" to get some kills easier.

    This makes me laugh as fk, rightly today I found a one "player" named Grosmile that kept only playing for kills and at the end said:"you are noobs, watch your kds!"

    (he took 0 resources and played vector ahahahahhahahah)

    He's more than rank 100, must precisate-