Custom Drone Rules for Tournaments

  • Hey Mercs,


    While we know that they aren't everyone's favorite in the competitive environment, we think they can be interesting.

    Now, just today we were talking about a small, itsy-bitsy, and completely HYPOTHETICAL tournament and deciding the rules for that.

    Of course, drones came up. Instead of thinking binary, we decided to take a different approach.

    What if we banned some drones? What if we drafted them?

    To be clear: We are simply talking about this ENTIRE HYPOTHETICAL tournament that we are definitely not working on at the moment.

    (Don't keep your eyes peeled for news, you'll waste your time!)

    This is not changing game rules, this is not the content of the next patch etc.

    Just rules that would be enforced by a tournament & referees.

    That said, we would of course share the feedback with Wiple if we see good ideas.

    I'll start with a rough draft we had.

    Drones over 3000 points = banned

    Each person can use 1 drone per match.

    Each drone is decided before the game, declared one by one, team by team, as in:

    Team 1 Member 1: I choose x

    Team 2 Member 1: I choose y

    Team 3 Member 2: I choose z

    ... and so on

    Max 2 (any) Jammers per team

    Max 1 UAV Recon per team

    Same drone can be selected by multiple players

    Idea here is to remove the "super weapons", provide some strategic capacity to counter via taking turns and restricting drones.

    So, what do you think about this idea?

    What rules would you set up?

    Let us know in the comments and don't forget to subs- wait, wrong media. Just drop the comments!

    PS: inb4 how about no drones

  • For the sake of this thread, let's not worry about enforcing or clarity or the ban-everything option.

    There are reasons that drones are not working for everyone. So I'd like to see how *you* would change things to make it work.

    I'd rather have focus on the kind of rules I mentioned, but I'd be okay with hearing other feedback as well. I'd like to understand this topic better.

  • Realistically though, the main reason for the 'ban everything' approach is the belief that, at least in tournament play, the outcome should be dictated, as far as possible, purely by the mechanical skill, reactions, and situational awareness of the players.

    If it can get you outcomes that aren't a direct result of your own skill, reactions and awareness then it shouldn't exist in that setting.

    I don't see how most, if any, of the drones fit with that ideology.

    In order to have drones at all, you'd probably need teams to agree beforehand a single drone loadout that was acceptable to both teams for all players. That way you at least ensure equality of arms.

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  • 1. people should just take uav recon or uav jammer so there s no variety due to this meta. 2. where we find peoples to play tournament if can't play a single match in some modes for half hour?

    I'm sorry but can't be optimistic, the game is dead asf in EU so yeah, maybe just talk for NA bcs EU is dead-

  • Drones are dumb.

    Your 'Hypothetical' was probably including the thoughts of casual players. I've played competitive game modes in multiple games and drones were banned / not used or a very limited set,

    Also, not many competitive games have score streaks, more over kill streaks.

    Score streaks don't require any skill whatsoever. The baddest person on the team could accumulate a hellbird or w/e by grabbing a few kills and camping points.

    Score streaks per person is a dumb idea.

    The only score streaks feasible imo is: UAV - Counter and Lightning strike, w/e it's called ing. I'd much prefer to see killstreaks implemented into competitive.

    It should be down to the players to come up with a baseline of rules and then edited as the needs go on. Something like the 'eSports' mode from ghosts would be good.

    Then again, the community isn't really listened to so what even is the point of 'your ideas?' You could probably lose a competitive game but as long as you draw a pwetty picture you could probably gain a win and a 50 chip box.

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  • I'm quoting people, but my questions are for everyone of course.

    By a single drone loadout, do you mean that a pre-set loadout is established (agreed by both teams) and they don't go out of this set up?

    How should the establishment happen in this case?

    Tournament rules dictate it and that's all? Teams decide and present it to each other?


    1. people should just take uav recon or uav jammer so there s no variety due to this meta. 2. where we find peoples to play tournament if can't play a single match in some modes for half hour?

    I'm sorry but can't be optimistic, the game is dead asf in EU so yeah, maybe just talk for NA bcs EU is dead-

    But what if there is a restriction on how many uav/jammers you can get? Then you need to use your slots for other things.

    About populating the game further... wait for it : )
    We also have some plans on how to make ranked more popular.

    We do listen to the community, but the reaction times might be improved.

    And about baseline of rules, this is pretty much what this thread is for: Instead of dictating rules, we are asking the community.

    And again: What if UAV is restricted to a certain amount?

  • "By a single drone loadout, do you mean that a pre-set loadout is established (agreed by both teams) and they don't go out of this set up?"


    "How should the establishment happen in this case?

    Tournament rules dictate it and that's all? Teams decide and present it to each other?"

    I was thinking this would be agreed, or negotiated, between the teams.

    "What if UAV is restricted to a certain amount?"

    In SnD, the drones that void the 'S' element of the mode are probably the worst culprits and should be heavily restricted.

  • As someone who's competitive, SnD should be completely Vanilla with No Drones, I also believe that rounds should switch every round as a team that spams nade spots could easily achieve a 4-0 lead with no issues.

    Respawn Game modes should have drones limited to: UAV - Counter - The controllable Missile thing and the lightning strike (or w/e it's called)

    But these should be acquired through killstreaks and not Scorestreaks. There shouldn't be a limit on who can have what or how many people can run a certain streak, if killstreaks are implemented it won't mean people will have a UAV for 1-2 mins straight

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  • They are fine in casual gamemodes. However, competitively, drones are best removed entirely (along with bullet attachments).

    If drones are to stay in competitive then:

    • In offensive form, allow: Blade drone, Crawler and Striker drone, all 1200pts cost. (assuming per kill is 200pts)
    • In tactical form, allow: Jammer drone (NOT UAV jammer), Shield drone and Gorgon system, all 1200pts cost.
    • Assuming 5v5 format:
    • In defender side: 3 players get tactical and 2 players get offensive set
    • In attacking side: 3 players get offensive and 2 players get tactical set.
  • long time comp player here, Drones should be banned all together no questions ask. Drones influence the game way too much especially considering that your point streak doesn't reset when die. Can you guys just listen to us and ban them all together?

  • I understand your non-binary thinking but in some cases, thing should be more straight forward.

    As I said at other posts, drones are good but not at competitive level. I don't want to lose the opportunity of winning a 1v3 clutch because every enemy already knows i'm coming from the EDEN stairs at Airport. I don't wanna lose the opportunity to plant the bomb at 0:10 in a hard late push cause they have a hydra at the bombsite.

    It's obvious that the inclusion of drones would bring new dynamics to the game, but it would kill any Skill Based Dynamics that we already have. The game is toooo fast-paced and the TTK is a bit low, and we love that.

    Regarding the intention of the post, my suggestion is to, either have separate ranked modes (Drones/Droneless) or not have a Drone Based one at all.

    If you still want to push the inclusion thorugh, I suggest it to be lighter drones, like Gorgon System, Shield Drone, Crawler, these are very much ok. We don't like the guaranteed kill/intel stuff.

  • After following the forums and reddit for over a year and whenever competitive play is brought up, there is an overwhelming majority that agree with having NO drones in competitive SnD play. I am not going into further detail, there is enough comments explaining why.

    I honestly don't know how hard is it for the support team to understand that NO means NO. I want to be optimistic but frankly it seems like the devs and support team want to incorporate drones into competitive play but there is not a single staff that regularly plays this game, much less have any idea on the competitive FPS dynamics.

    Maybe drones can be incoporated in future competitive modes like Secure Point or TDM but Search and Destroy is the primary competitive mode of almost every FPS game. There has already been a standard set in place and if Ironsight wants to be taken serious by the competitive scene it must remove drones and set rules for competitve gameplay.


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  • As it is, 6 man parties spamming UAVs and UAV jammers even in normal SnD is a huge nuisance and absolutely drains the fun out of the game, let alone having to deal with a lot of still present bugs and poor netcode.

    Why are you so opposed to just simply disallow drones in certain modes? I completely understand wanting to fulfil a vision you have of the game when designing it, but if no players enjoy it, it's just stubbornness to not yield in any form.

    If compromise is absolutely necessary, just allow low point drones that don't void the searchpart of SnD, as others have pointed out.

  • The huge part of the drones is overpowered, and because of this, that drones takes the main part and the outcome of every matches. I see so much players daily, who are basicly a common player, who taking the spy drone and prefiring every single corners and carriing the whole game (most likely the whole Hackers clan just to know). This type of drones is only good for public quick matches for fun. If you really want to keep those drones, you need to make a huge nerf (starting with spy drone and with removing the "wallhack ability" of offensive drones), put the drones a bit behind, and give a bit larger focus to the player's real skill.

  • A stupid idea is coming up~

    Allow players to have a maximum of 3 Drones that each team can decide at the beginning of the match.

    Like a champion selection/Banning phase of a League of Legends game.

    Banning Phase:

    Team 1: Banning "Striker Drone"

    Team 2: Banning "UAV Jammer"

    ... Cap banning phase to 2-3 Drones for each team.

    Selecting Phase:

    Team 1: Picks "UAV Recon"

    Team 2: Picks "Jammer Drone"


    They are picking drones until each team has 3 Drones.

    Also dont know if that is possible, would be massiv if it is.
    Each team has a Team-Captain that gets choosen at the beginning of the match and that Team-Captain can choose at the beginning of every round if he wants to use a drone or keep them for the next round. (The Points to use the drones should be global for the team, means if a player of the team makes a kill the team captain gets points for the drones, a little increase in the drones req. points are probably needed)