''Disconnected From Server''

  • Soo, i've been ''trying'' to play for 2 weeks or more but when i connect at the game and starts a match
    i only can play 1-2 matches after this i receive the error ''Disconnected From Server'' my internet is okay and all the rest too.
    Someone can pls help me to solve this error ?

  • Please help him so you can help us both . Same issue, I’m surprised moderator or no one will talk to us . I love this game, it runs great on my pc and internet then boom disconnected . Are you on WiFi as well? Even with WiFi I’m getting 300-575 mbps.

  • Since no one wants to help and after days and hours of troubleshooting and reinstalling windows and opening ports and contacting isp’s. I downloaded a free VPN and I can play now . According to my provider their server is not secure enough to accept the traffic .

  • Our apologies for not being available a lot in this recent time. The vacation period made the moderation harder to manage. Regarding how your provider replied, Nofaux, I've answered the thread that you have created.

    Regarding the issue on this topic, does it always happen midmatch? From where are you playing Ironsight? Have you also tried to forward the game ports on your router?


  • It’s not always mid match it will do it even if I sit in lobby and I’m active or not. It’s just random, every 10 minutes to every hour. There where rare occasions where it went hours but very rare. As soon as I use VPN or any other crappy internet it works perfect . I I tried to get my isp to port forward but could not get them to cooperate and kept wanting to relate it to Xbox lol . Thank you for replying ! I’ve almost given up hope . I think I need to get access to my modem router and port forward myself because asking them is useless . Then i’ll Let you know how that goes . Mediacom changed their policy so it’s harder For customers to gain access to routers of theirs .

  • Only so I’ve finally talked them into access . Can you guide me how to port forward it ? Just basic info. I seen the ports you mentioned and so on . Here is the picture of what it looks like for me . Can you tell me what to put where ? I need to know the protocol ... start port ... end port ... target port . You guys have it listed like this patch 20111 login 28000 channel 28101 game 28201 . I’m family with networking and such, I’ve just never had to port forward before so I need it slightly more comprehensive . I’ve found where to do it but that’s the info it’s asking for

  • for start, end and target port you can insert the same port, for example 20111. if it asks for the protocol, if possible select udp/tcp else insert them 2 times with once tcp and then udp. The ip that it will ask is the local ip address of your computer that you can find out in cmd by typing ipconfig. Note that it would be better to make the ip address of your computer static, to mever change.


  • sorry helix, I tried to reply in discord but everyone else kept talking . I port forwarded the other ones . I just took the other two down after it didn't work . I'll try it one more time to be sure and reset my network and see how that goes .

  • I just tried it again with same result except it added a little different . I could walk around the map for a bit but no one could see me and I couldn’t do damage then disconnected from server popped up . I hit okay and instead of closing the game it takes me to Lobby. Then the pop up comes again in lobby . I click and it closes the game . When i go to reload the game the page on the launcher wouldn’t load until i tried again then it let me back in . It seems port forwarding almost helped but not quite lol .

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  • If I do ever get this figured out, I know I’m going to go around helping everyone I can that’s had this issue . I keep meeting others with similar issue. It’s a small percentage but enough where I could help a lot of people .