I can't shoot while sprinting ?

  • Hello guys, i've just returned to ironsight, but i encountered something that might be a bug but im not really sure about it.

    Basically when i am sprinting and i try to shoot, my character justs slows down and doesn't shoot at all, this is extremely irritating, i remember it being doable before, and i think i could find a video or two of me doing it.

    So my question is, was this a change or is it a bug on my end ?

    I hear my footsteps rythm increasing when im trying to shoot and my character also slows down so the game does register my left click but nothing happens ?

  • Imagine flexing a common penta with LMG when the issue is before or after the penta.

  • No offense to Deadpool but this is a known issue introduced in the last update patch. It even says in the patch notes. Try using the Spas12 or grenade launcher which are 1 shot weapons. Its significantly more noticeable. And make sure you are shooting WHILE sprinting. Before the bug, you would immediately come out of sprint and fire the shot. Now the bug makes you come out of sprint but no shots fire.


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  • It looks like they've fixed this issue in the latest update to the asian version. So, hopefully, it won't be long until it is implemented here too.

    Asian version will be the end of EU-NA, like you can see your own, Asian version is improved and updated, while this one is in this failuring state from months/years.

  • Known issue, see this link:

    Content Update: Phoenix

    Oh yeah, i see thanks, i hope that gets fixed soon

    It only happens if you have sprint on "hold". Setting sprint on "Press" fixes it.

    Ugh, i guess i can do that, not very practical, thanks for the tip though!

    Imagine flexing a common penta with LMG when the issue is before or after the penta.

    Well, you can see my character slow down , and we can hear a big increase in my steps's rythm

    Also those are bots, so there's not much to flex about lol.

    So in the end, seems like not everyone has this issue, and a few people had it but got fixed ?

    That's one weird bug, but i guess for now i will have to use toggle sprint instead of hold :/