Team Balance

  • Hi Guys

    I'm new to Ironsight but in the the last couple of days there is no Team Balance at all. I just finished a game and the other side had all 6 players with two to three stars (rank over 100) my side had one guy in the 80s and the rest where below 34(my rank) of course we got slaughtered.

    So what is up?


  • Hi man, welcome to the game. It is kind of baptism of fire, because the matchmaking is by ping only. You probably ran into a clan or a bunch of friends that play together. We all went through this early on, and it is kind of sink or swim.

    That said, I think it would be great if they could ringfence new people for the first 20 or so levels, and let them play each other until they find their feet a bit. It's not like high level people particularly want to be matched against people on their first day, they just play whoever is there.

  • Called roughing up the new players and taking on a challenge. Everyone's been through this starting out. You will experience it less if you have your own party or play at peak hours when the player count is higher with more diverse players.


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  • it would be nice that the matchmaking would be guided for something more useful than just the Ping, for example the KDA or the percentage of victories. The level of a player is not a good guide, in my case I'm over level 60 but I play worst that some players with level 10.

  • Nah, balancing isn't an issue.

    When I'm with a group of friends, normally 6 man lobby, we're all level 55+ so you have a multitude of high levels storming levels 0-40 most games.

    Not really anything you can do about it.