Perks namely ONE in particular

  • So I have been attempting to burn through the Metal Reaper Achievement. Yeah... it's taking a long time to do so. So I figure hey why not use the Drones Friend perk to speed that up a bit. Then I realized that yes I am still going to use it, BECAUSE I am a masochist for achievements, but the perk is a WHOLE WHOPPIN ... ONE kill worth of a boost. I am finding myself typically with 1 to 3 more kills required to get my reaper the VAST majority of times in every match I play. GRANTED I play almost exclusively TDM so thats my first issue. Regardless though, even with my head on a swivel for kills and any and every drone that shows up I still end up barely missing my chance to drop a reaper.

    So I am thinking to myself, I'm still going to use it but "Drones Friend" has to be the most worthless perk in the whole lot. And I'm sure everyone or mostly everyone would agree with me on this point. It is a perk that is literally one effect and DONE no more use out of it AT ALL for the whole match.

    Jsut to point out what I mean here to drive the point home...

    Drones' friend: Reduces the required Contribution Points for deploying a Drone by 100 points.

    Assassin: Increases Melee Weapon accuracy by 10% and extends reach by 15%.

    Blast Protection: Reduces incoming explosive damage by 40%.

    Long Ears: Enables you to hear enemy footsteps much better.

    Quick Recovery: Hp recovery starts 20% faster and recovery time is reduced by 20%.

    K, SO Drones Friend is from its description a PASSIVE effect that basically removes 100 points from the total cost of whatever drone you select. Example Crawler is 800 points with DF its 700 points, Escort Drone is 2000 points with DF its 1900. SO on SO forth. So like mentioned it is a passive effect and its one activation and done... POOF it no longer does anything in the match.

    Assassin on the other hand your melee accuracy is increased by 10% and your range is increased by 15% for the WHOLE match.

    Blast Protection, 40% damage from explosives... GONE for the WHOLE match. Though I think BP is slightly glitchy and the 40% just randomly deactivates if you have a bit of hp missing and then you get hit by an explosive. I have had a few instances where I am at full hp with BP equipped and I am 4 or 5 meters away from a grenade, it detonates and it takes out 3/4 of my hp, but in contrast I have also had instances where I am 7 meters away and I get hit by a single bullet shaving off barely any of my HP bar and then said grenade that is 7 meters away detonates and it kills me flat out right jsut because I have a "tiny" bit of hp missing. BUT this is another conversation for another time.

    Long Ears, meh, I mean footsteps are loud as BALLz in the game as they are now, why would the average player need them louder? Point being though, this is a passive buff that work for the WHOLE match.

    And then Quick Recovery, recovery starts faster and heals you faster and that effects you, you guessed it, the WHOLE match.

    So all in all. I honestly think Drones Friend needs a rework. Since it is the only one that stops being of any use the moment the match starts. Some may say Long Ears is technically a one time use perk as well but Long ears has different applications for its usefulness AND its effect persists.

    As for a rework on Drones Friend, if I could suggest, either a flat multiplier decrease per kill in addition to the default 100 we already get per kill and the whatever its is 1 to 4 points per second. OR a sequentially increasing amount per chain kill. OR maybe even just doubling the amount of point you get per second, kill, assist, drone destruction etc.

    Personally I am in favor of the multiplier increase per kill in addition to the default 100. POINT BEING though is with a change like this the Drones Friend Perk becomes are perk that lasts throughout the WHOLE match.

    And another side note, I know of many, MANY a player that are either new to the game, or slow to get kills, or get only assists, or (at the risk of some FLAK being thrown my way) just bad at FPS games in general. And these players never really get to use the drones. Or at the very least they NEVER get to experience the high-end drones. (Metal Reaper, Hellbird, Zeus)

    With a buff to Drones Friend I believe it would be an improvement on the sole fact that more people can actually experience more content of the game itself.

    And now to trigger 3/4 of America and borrow a quote from our good friend, buddy, pal, and president Mr. Donald Trump. " LET'S MAKE DRONES FRIEND GREAT AGAIN. "

  • A good alternative for the drone's friend would be to make it a percentage decrease of, say, 10% on drone costs so that it's value remains equal relative to the cost of the drone, rather than declining as the games progresses.

  • A good alternative for the drone's friend would be to make it a percentage decrease of, say, 10% on drone costs so that it's value remains equal relative to the cost of the drone, rather than declining as the games progresses.

    I mean I COULD get behind that but the fact I pointed out remains... It is technically the only perk that isn't progressively active throughout a match.

  • A second option is to have a more complicated scaling process.
    Aka the flavor text would be like this:
    "Reduces all drone point requirements by 10%: The second activation of the same drone will reduce the point requirement by 20%."

    That would actually be a gigantic buff for defensive drone users allowing for possibly 3 rotations of scorestreaks which in itself will increase their end score.