Ironsight Asian Client.

  • The Asian client of Ironsight has it's drop rates for it boxes released on the 24th of june in their discord (just checked). There are currently only 3 boxes present in the game. (Common, Superior and Collection) and the middle column is the English translation:


    Not quite sure what the "EPIC ingredient" is in the collection box though. The other boxes don't have this name.

  • Hmm so they have posted a news where they revealed what exactly a shield is...


    Type: Primary Weapon

    Attack: Shield Attack / Pistol

    You can read a full update at its steam page. If you have trouble finding it just add this text after Steam store domain.


    (not sure if it is allowed to post a full link here)

    Do not play against cheaters and hackers, it is waste of your time and health.

  • The 'ballistic shield' looks like a horrible fit for this game. Not looking forward to that at all. Developers really do have some dumb ideas sometimes.

    The achievement backgrounds they are giving away for the duel mode look pretty nice though.

  • So it takes up a primary weapon slot huh?

    At the very least I won't be seeing AR57 users frog hopping with it, so thats a start.

    At least its not secondary lol

    But then the other secondaries are bad


    <3Yellow Star with dark Background<3

    <3Celebrations DSR<3

    <3Quickscoping most of the time<3





  • Good news!

    Asian client just had a hotfix:

    Here are the list of bug fixes and improvements we are going to apply during our Server Maintenance today.

    • Server Stability and performance improvements
    • Netcode improvements
    • Steam billing UI improved and added failed messages
    • Unable to aim while sprinting with dash option 'HOLD' is enabled is fixed
    • Messing up the zoom position when using social action while zooming is fixed
    • Pop up while sending gifts, thumbnail not displaying is fixed
    • Unable to use the item in the inventory sometimes is fixed
    • When timed weapon expires, weapon level displaying as level 1 is fixed
    • GP, EXP boost icon disappearing when changing video or language settings are now fixed
    • When connected, changing the language does not change the loadout string is fixed
    • Clan name converting to ???? is fixed
    • Clan announcement not shown when announcement modified is fixed
    • Positioning multiple languages is corrected and doesn't proceed any exceeding characters
    • In Oceanfront map, a certain point of the map teleports you to somewhere on the map is fixed
    • In Oceanfront map, a character getting stuck at both rear side of the ship is fixed

    They fixed the sprint bug. I'm happy.

    Netcode and server stability improvements I think fixed a bug where the game would disconnect you exactly when TDM kill counter reaches 100, because I haven't found the bug yet even after 5 matches (previously, it would happen in every match and all gamemodes, and mostly to players with a 80ms to 60ms ping). So I assume it's fixed. Curious to know what else was "fixed" with this change.

    Note: Players reporting a black screen was said that it happens if you connect to the game during a server maintaince.

  • small hotfixes to address a minimap bug:

    Here are the list of bug fixes and improvements we are going to apply during our Server Maintenance 07.17(KST).

    * HP bar disappearing from the kill screen when enemy's HP is not 100% is fixed

    * Often minimap from in-game score board disappearing is fixed

    * A bug where EMP bullet effect applying to secondary weapon is fixed

    The first 2 happened often. Glad that now I use the UAV recon properly.

    As for the EMP bullets applying the secondaries, Kinda wish it was kept. would have made EMP launchers better.

    Also, according to them, they added a server in the Japanese region. (didn't they have one though?)

    To those who doesn't know it yet, here's the upcoming duel mode that is apparently a ranked battle.

    New Map/Game Mode: DUEL
    We are proud to introduce our first Ironsight Asia update: ‘DUEL’!! Go head-to-head with other players and compete with no distractions!! And challenge yourself in ranked!!


    • Basic Rules
      Goal: Eliminate an opponent
    • Target Score: 10 points
    • No. of Players: 2
    • Round/Point: Point
    • Respawn: Available
    • Change Side: No
    • Respawn Type: Random Respawn

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The ranked system based on ELO system.

    Macademie Don't think so. They say they will also have DogTags for ranking (competitive), and not just for steam sale.

    There is a different dogtag for the current ranking position you are, from 1 to 200, divided as 1st, 2nd to 10th, 11th to 30th, 31st to 100th, 101st to 200th position.