Ironsight Asian Client.

  • And you're trying to tell me that there were no games where you could lean and peek round corners in 2010? I've been leaning around corners in shooters since at least 2002 and, as for a full lean and peek cover system, Killzone 2 had this in 2009.

    But in multiplayer?


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  • Ive tested the beta, and... its not like good old COD. I cancelled my pre-order cause i didnt like it at all. Beautiful game, weapon nice, nice animation. But its not a COD, didnt like the feeling. Ironsight is more like older COD than the new COD...

    I don't know what are you even talking about, since how many cods? 5? The CoD community has been hating them because they were trash or futuristic or very unrealistic, but now if you go cod reddit you only see good reviews, people happy with it, so i doubt this year's cood isnt good like olders. And anyway, this Modern warfare is not pretending to be the same as the old one.

    Mw2, Mw3, blackOp, blackOp2 was the best multiplayer experience i got in COD. With BO3, i lost interest since they change the game. The new MW was announced like the MW2 experience, the return of COD like the old one. And.. its not that. COD was a "arcade" shooter, its not supposed to be realistic. Its was alway a run and gun. If i want to play strategy, i will choose BF of RB6. I mean. If its be named BF6, i judge it differently, probably positive feedback because i know what a BF game is.. but they sold me a mw2 experience.. its not