[Alternative Download] In case of emergency, use this!

  • Hello Ironsight-Community,

    Since there are some issues with the installer/downloader from the website, as well as some issues with the patching process (Unable to start patch process), we present you here our alternative download.

    What you need to do for it is very simple.

    1. Download the following .zip file: http://client.downloader.gamig…anualClient/Ironsight.zip

    2. Once the download is complete, open your default download folder.

    3. Right click on the Ironsight.zip that you just downloaded.

    4. Execute "Extract..." and select a location.

    5. Once the extraction is completed, you can open the game with the launcher.exe located within the game folder.

    If you played previously and try to reinstall, here is a reminder to save your screenshots in another folder should you want to keep them.

    This version, is currently applicable for the Content Update: Phoenix, including the technical Update from the 17th of June. Should we have an update, we will try to update this link as soon as possible.

    For questions and issues, feel free to contact our team of volunteers or CM's directly.



    Last update of the link: 30th of October 2019

  • hola, mi problema era cuando termino de descargar y se estaba instalando se quedaba en 330 y un archivo llamado "ironsightnetwor" algo así, no me acuerdo bien el nombre

    y de ahí no pasaba nada y espere y espere

    sabes alguna solución?
    y el archivo que dejas me dejara jugar iron sight?

    pd: había encontrado un enlace para descargar archivos .bin y un .exe para tener el juego pero cuando acceder a mí acceso denegado: /