Bounty Hunt Weekend

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    Are you ready for a side job?

    Let's talk business.

    I received a long list of bounties for all the major factions and even some important people on short notice. There isn't enough time for me to handle them all, but then again, the contract doesn't specify who does the deed. This is where you come in. You do the scoring, my people will take care of the rest.

    Here are the terms:

    • 1 Kill: 5000 GP
    • 10 Kills: 10000 GP
    • 50 Kills: 10 CHIPS + 1x Angry Monkey Box
    • 100 Kills: 5000 GP + 1x Angry Monkey Box
    • 250 Kills: 3x Angry Monkey Box

    (Just to be sure: Those are milestones, not cumulative rewards! I may be flush with the dough right now, but even I don't have THAT kind of money... You will of course get the rewards for all the milestones you've reached.)

    You'll have from this Friday 21st - 2PM (CEST) until Monday 24th - 2PM (CEST) to complete the job, no more, no less.

    Now, with all the contracts I have, it is A LOT of tagging and bagging, so it'll take a few days to send you the rewards.

    But know this: I'll make a note of what you did and long term this will... well, you'll see.

    If you need to gear up, I have some sweet deals going on the Black Market. Go ahead and take a look, I think you'll like the prices.

    Now, go out there and do some hunting!

    We'll talk again in the future.