[ Suggestion list ]

  • Feel Free to hit me up for community camo ideas

    Any purple / pink skin camo donation to my inventory is greatly appreciated. (Tbh orange is good too)

    Now we have the jokes out of the way, check out my personal suggestions to make me fall in love with the game even more and spend more cash

    In Game Suggestions

    1) For my sanity, remove spawn protection (or atleast work on it). Allowing someone to ads with the hand cannon (AKA a DSR) whilst glowing yellow to one hit me is ridiculous.

    2) Remove scorestreaks. They're dumb and designed for bad people to have a sense of achievement.

    3) Add something like the trophy system from COD, them nades yO

    4) Buff blast protection? I still seem to be like 4m away from a nade and still die?

    5) More camos, the ones in game right now, I like them they're cool. Lets add some cooler ones that are not generic to every gun. Like more Blues / Oranges / Pink / Purple.

    6) Talking about Camos, please alter the chrome camo ing. It looks dope on the home screen but terrible ing.

    7) Add a free female character, it's 2019. *Cough* Equality *Cough*

    8.) Change SnD to switch sides every round so teams get an equal amount of attack / defend.

    9) To entice more people to play ranked, add seasonal rewards, Like a gun camo or gun camo. See where I'm going with that?

    10) Add the dope reload animation to secondarys, Imagine getting a quadra with deag / python, launching out the bullets / clip and catching a new one? Dope right? I know.

    11) Fix Secure point spawns. Eg, spawn them closer to the points. The picture below shows exactly what I mean, with Titian and the spawn point. You only have one option to push to try and re-take. Any other route would take too long to get to.


    12) Add the Jawz camo to the M4. Why you ask? Because I like it.

    13) The ability to buy the orange character customization options.

    The Shop

    1) Fire the guy that comes up with the prices (Joke intended don't ban) No way on earth should an orange camo be $30 that's not even part of a collection?

    2) Imagine a gun crate, where you buy it and get the gun. The current ones are a joke. Spend $10 on a crate and you might get 20k currency? Just make it where you sell an orange gun week by week allowing me to buy the gun and the gun only, no chips / no gold. Gun only, I'd definitely do it to achieve a couple of collections for the guns with the dope reloads. I cannot stress this enough people would buy the gun crates if you had 100% chance of getting the gun. We got collections out here.

    3) Oh yeah, guns with dope reloads? How about you sell them for $20-$30 because I can guarantee a number of people Would buy them. I know I would.

    4) Add the option to buy the dope reload and add it to a skin of your choice. Basic skins all the way up to orange. *Insert 'Just do it' meme here*

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  • In my opinion:

    1) remove spawn prot ON ADS, not in general. No need to have drones like hellbirds get 500 kills on enemy spawns.

    2) in competitive yes, in casual no. They're a staple of this game, whether you like it or not.

    4) Imo the current "blast protection" should be the default, and the perk should reduce it even more. This way you don't just make that 1 perk mandatory.

    7) make the free fem char customisable while you're at it :3

    Agree with the rest.