Most incompetent devs - i've seen in a game.

  • I've never seen a company nerf everything because something has been overpowered ( assault rifles ) now we've even worse weapons which barely can kill some of the snipers on mid-long range distance after the nerf.

    Meanwhile snipers are broken as **** and we've not touched them at all, PSG-1, CF-X50 seriously broken.

    Vector is freaking trash same with PP-2000 AK-47 and AK12 just got a unneeded nerf and are trash tier now, meanwhile pistols are useless there's only the shotgun, python, deagle who's actually good.

    Daily missions sucks, Win 4 times in any mode - f**** yeah try to carry your team which is useless 4 times?

    And then hipfire - most unskilled combat game i've seen in a long time.

    When the game should literally be called hipfire, because ironsight is literally useless:rolleyes:

  • The weird thing is that they nerfed the snipers in one patch and then, a couple patches later, they nerfed everything else.

    The net result was a higher TTK that overall favoured the snipers that initially recognised they needed to nerf.

    It didn't make any sense to me at all.

  • funny fact ... im playing ak-12 and pp-2000 and i dont have problems bcs they are "weak" or something ... also the vector seems pretty strong ... also i see many players with that weapons (also ak.47 etc.) so im not even close to understand what you mean ... ok snipers are 1shot but they are in most games and agains auto snipers i dont have any problems ... so imo. the problem could be you :O

  • Just don't know if he is playing the same game as me. AK-12 was one of the few weapons that got a small buff with the last patch (desperately needed!) , AK-47 still one of the strongest AR in the game... but yeah, SMG with hipfire is easy going here, that's right.

    Snipers are slightly overpowered in the hands of "i-have-a-crosshair-on-my-monitor" players as they can easily quickscope out of movement and the still crappy lag-compensation/netcode still favours players with bad pings.

    Nothing worse than a yellow-bar sniper. Eats up my bullets like a sponge and seems to have all the time of the world to scope on me an kill me one-shot ...

    Complaining about the PSG-1? c'mon ... on the EU server, i'm pretty much the ONLY player who is using this gun ... i like it, but it's defo not OP ... ^^

  • as much as i know not bad-ping players are in favor of the game ... instead good-ping players ... thats what i saw in a post somewhere in the forum

    It's a peeker - defender problem here.

    Since ping is a measure of how long a packet of data takes to travel from the client to server,

    If a person has a high ping, and if he peeks around a corner to an enemy(low pinger) holding the angle(defending), the high pinger will be able to see him before the low pinger does. In this scenario, the high pinger has an advantage for his position hasn't updated to the low pinger yet

    HOWEVER, if the high pinger is the one holding the angle, then the low pinger have an advantage over the highpinger, simply because the position of the lowpinger hasn't been downloaded by the high pinger yet, and therefore, the low pinger will see the high pinger first.

    in a case of high pingers and low pingers battles, they each other being killed through walls a lot. Both cases. It's not like the high pingers can kill through walls you low pingers can't. To high pingers, they also see low pingers killing them through walls because to the delay stated above.

    One way to negate this problem is by improving the movement update rate, such that there are more samples, and therefore, movement positions are more accurate. The current one of 25Hz is just really bad for a game like Ironsight.

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  • Watched the video, and yeah, that is certainly what might be happening, but Idk whether the servers in Ironsight follow the same mechanism though. Ironsight servers are just weird.

    That being said, it does feel like there is still peeker's advantage in Ironsight, which might be due to other netcode quirkiness, but not due to the reason you explained.

    Perhaps it's the physics engine? Since I play from Asia, I sometimes get a lag spike at the start of the match, and when the players move, they kinda move in a straight line, like gliding. When the come across a object, the are suddenly teleported above it (buildings and such), or are pulled to the nearest outer-corner of the wall. I have a feeling it's due to packet loss as well, but in case of Ironsight, it seems like the game just keeps them moving to their last known velocity it received (I'm taking the direction into account).

    A few updates ago, they said they tweaked the physics engine so that players don't appear to be flying. I think they just kept them grounded and gave it collision so that they slip past the object instead of phasing through it. When this happens battles are very snappy when they peek around the wall. It's like they got pulled by some invisible force and slipped around it.

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  • And how fast the server loops in present time is fps?

    Meanwhile, the player’s actual clock is ticking. If we measure how quickly the game loop cycles in terms of real time, we get the game’s “frames per second”. If the game loop cycles quickly, the FPS is high and the game moves smoothly and quickly. If it’s slow, the game jerks along like a stop motion movie.


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