Infinite loading

  • After an update about a month ago i couldnt get into the game once. I open it up, see the logos and then its an infinite loading screen. Could it be that i was flagged by anti cheat or some other IP related issue?

  • the local ip to insert is the one of your computer. You should use a static private ip that never changes and register that ip address starting with 192.168.0.X.

    On the screenshot it looks like you have forwarded your router but not the device on which you play the game. Additionally you can also check if you have enabled upnp and dmz

  • Dmz is not enabled by default and upnp only sometimes but if both don't work, you could try to contact your internet provider and check if there's any issue from your location to the game servers. Where are you from, if I can ask?

  • I would start checking if there are any ports that the provider can't handle, since it doesn't work from your router, testing it from the side of the provider might be more helpful. Also if you find out the ip addresses of the servers for ironsight, it's a little trick with netstat that can be easily found on google, you can use the tracert command in cmd and then see where it fails on its path

  • Try to reset your internet explorer settings:

    open internet explorer > internet options > advanced > reset.. > tick the checkbox to delete personal information > reset