TDM match vs. a topranked godgamer legend

  • Removed video

    This video isn't really about the gameplay and more about the friends i make in this game every time i play.

    If it wasn't for interactions like this one i probably would've stopped playing a long time ago. Cheers.

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  • Toxic people like that are why I make heavy use of the block button. That said, I hope you reported this? (with the names uncensored of course)

    And kudos to you guys for not resorting to trading insults. :)

    (Quick edit, had wrong smiley face.)

  • "I hope ur mom loves u and treats u well"

    Good boi seekax is a gent. Who knows what his mother has done to make people hate her so much. ?(

    Not that it matters, but that image was from my perspective.

    Please don't call out people in public.

    Use our ticket system for such reports:

    Since my post was deleted (but other off-topic-y posts weren't), I conclude that it is apparently disallowed to post any kind of censored chat logs on here. Could you explain which forum rule my post violated?

    I am starting to wonder whether you just delete these kinds of posts to hide the fact that your entirely unmoderated in-game-chat is a cesspool of toxicity.

  • I don't want to report him, i just wanted to post a gameplay and i thought the chat was somewhat funny, adding to the video's entertainment value.

    Am i not allowed to post a gameplay because some dude in chat is making a fool of himself? What if i had posted the same video with a less snarky title, making no mention of the bloke, would that have been okay? Should i just cover the chat with a big black box from now because otherwise i apparently won't be able to post any videos on this forum because this type of behavior occurs pretty much every match.

    I can't stop people from being stupid in chat and if i reported everybody who wrongly accuses me of hacking or otherwise insults me i'd be doing nothing else whilst playing this game. I also don't feel particularly insulted when someone goes off in chat, that's basically just the average Ironsight player's version of a compliment.

    I think it's unfair that i am being punished for someone else's toxic behavior, i did not ask anyone to retaliate against this person, i didn't even name them in the post itself, nor did i cause the situation in the first place or pour fuel on the fire (unless you count me playing decent as an affront). As you saw in sqroot's post, i even treated a person with respect who clearly had none for me. I'd consider this to be a fairly good example for how to handle a person acting inapproriately in chat without going with the nuclear option of trying to get them banned.