TDM match vs. a topranked godgamer legend

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    This video isn't really about the gameplay and more about the friends i make in this game every time i play.

    If it wasn't for interactions like this one i probably would've stopped playing a long time ago. Cheers.

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  • Toxic people like that are why I make heavy use of the block button. That said, I hope you reported this? (with the names uncensored of course)

    And kudos to you guys for not resorting to trading insults. :)

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  • I don't want to report him, i just wanted to post a gameplay and i thought the chat was somewhat funny, adding to the video's entertainment value.

    Am i not allowed to post a gameplay because some dude in chat is making a fool of himself? What if i had posted the same video with a less snarky title, making no mention of the bloke, would that have been okay? Should i just cover the chat with a big black box from now because otherwise i apparently won't be able to post any videos on this forum because this type of behavior occurs pretty much every match.

    I can't stop people from being stupid in chat and if i reported everybody who wrongly accuses me of hacking or otherwise insults me i'd be doing nothing else whilst playing this game. I also don't feel particularly insulted when someone goes off in chat, that's basically just the average Ironsight player's version of a compliment.

    I think it's unfair that i am being punished for someone else's toxic behavior, i did not ask anyone to retaliate against this person, i didn't even name them in the post itself, nor did i cause the situation in the first place or pour fuel on the fire (unless you count me playing decent as an affront). As you saw in sqroot's post, i even treated a person with respect who clearly had none for me. I'd consider this to be a fairly good example for how to handle a person acting inapproriately in chat without going with the nuclear option of trying to get them banned.