boxes of the game .. there is something very wrong in them

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    HQ Report #7


    Let’s begin with a few issues where your feedback is needed.

    First, in my last HQ Report, I asked for your opinions on our recently opened Game and Web Shops. Since we did not receive a lot of responses, we’re once again asking that you make your voices be heard by completing our short questionnaire which is available here.

    Tell us what you'd like to see again, see more of or see never again. Keep mind that we plan things ahead of time and need to carefully consider your feedback and various thoughts on the matter. For these reasons, changes will occur incrementally over time. But I want to let you know that improvements in this area are one of the hot topics amongst our team.

    We've been making our voices heard sir. Here and on other social media sources. More often than not it seems ignored, brushed off or even attacked in some cases. It takes only a few minutes on any of theses sources to see that the majority of the people are unhappy with said Boxes and Shops. Some would even go so far as to call it criminal and borders on illegal .

    Honestly as an old guy it almost seems as if the Questions keeps getting asked until YOU get the answer YOU want, and everything thing else is or will be disregarded.

    With the change to repair costs , i hear tons of complaints from new players that it takes forever to earn enough to unlock a gun/skin they want. Which was the point right ?? That most of the items seem to be locked behind pay walls and cost way to much. Hop on and watch new streamers trying this game out, it gets mentioned almost every time.

    I get it, your a business. Your goal is making money, and rightly so. But i have to ask, is your goal making money or pushing away new and old customers? You ask for feed back and yet you have a 6 page thread here and COUNTLESS others acrossed multi sources about this very issue .

    I've already accepted that Bug fixes come and a snails pace , that updates that have real content are rare, that core gameplay mechanics issues rarely get addressed, that technical issues get fixed in a timely manner..

    It's a taken 8 months to a year to get some issues even addressed.

    In Spite of ALLLLLL of that this game still has a player base. How much longer that will remain the case is anyones guess.

    Sooo Maybe Just Maybe, we can address THIS issue here, in a FAIR and timely manner. Maybe we can all come to a point and agree on at least a direction for Boxes/Shop systems that arent, well so Horrid and over priced.

    Cause as stated getting anything else fixed seems next to impossible at times.

    Thank you for your time.

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