boxes of the game .. there is something very wrong in them

  • Best investment in the game is spend $10 and buy the battlepass.
    You get way more than your money's worth compared to anything else in the game and it feels more rewarding to play.

    Lucky boxes are the worst ones to buy by a longshot.
    I'd sugges at least the 499ap ones because you will at least get a full value return in chips.

    Idk if my luck has been great but I've gotten only blues/x2 oranges from superior boxes (Bought 10 after I got my purple an-97) and like 11 blues from 20 normal boxes.

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  • Can't wait for when Ironsight, the pioneer of monetization systems, takes it to the next level and finally offers lootboxes that contain lootboxes that contain lootboxes, and more importantly to always be one step ahead of the competition, lootboxes that contain lootboxes that contain lootboxes that contain lootboxes.

    Be careful that you don't run into Russell's paradox!

    I think it goes lootbox-lootbox-Monty Hall problem-call the banker.

  • My nerd part loves to see math being discussed, but let me clear it out: Each box has an equal chance to appear in the Contraband Crate.

    How about clearing out the rest of the crates? And being fair to your players instead of offering a box that contains more worthless boxes?

    Contraband crate equals many crates that equal 50 Chips or gp each, what a joke.

  • Righto cheeky man, it's time to put you in your place. Each of those deals all contain items of the same value. In order, the first contains items that are all 40kGP in value, also 40kGP for the second, 250chips for the third and 500chips for the special.

    The mother of all boxes, as i will call it, contains lootboxes that vary from 99AP to 499AP. Therefore, the MOAB is the only crate that contains items of different value, all of which have equal chances to drop

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  • The mother of all boxes, as i will call it

    I have invented a notation for this beast: it shall be called ◻◻ = ◻^2 to denote the quadratic growth of possible items.

    Lootboxes are just ◻, MOAMOABs are ◻◻◻, and the mighty MOAMOAMOABs are denoted by ◻◻◻◻.

    You should also math out the probability of getting gp and chips from the lootbox


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  • but after all what do you mean by these offers? make a person laugh? I think you do not want the players to have weapons with the reload of animation, sincerely the voices offer to spend AP on weapons that cost 40k GP and then on others that do not even serve to get the weapons of animation

  • A few more comments on my side.

    First of all, if you haven't already, please fill in this survey. Even if you make your "wordy" comments on the forums, it's good for us to see the answers to the statistical questions.

    Second, it's really tricky to talk about this topic as anything we say (regardless of the intent) can be misinterpreted very easily (not talking about consciously twisting the words, although that might also happen.) However, I hope that we established a basic level of trust overall and make a few comments.

    Are we satisfied with our boxes and overall sales? No.

    Do we think things should change? Yes.

    Are we working on it? Yes.

    Do we have a magical idea we can implement overnight? No.

    Is there a magical idea that the whole community will be happy with? To the contrary belief, no.

    And this is one of the main reasons for our web shop, comments on this thread and the survey. We are exploring.

    For the game shop, we are already talking with Wiple about improvements.

    On the web shop, we try to provide alternatives to what you have in game, or provide you with some kind of "advantage."

    Honestly, I'm hesitant to talk details on this (due to what I said earlier,) but let me give a couple examples:

    Paying AP for Uncommon weapons: Yes, they are available for GP, but there may be (there are) people who has less time to play and would like to use their GP for something else. It's a trade between grinding and AP.

    Special Skin Crates: In the game, there is usually a pool of items in the boxes. In these crates, you know what you get if you are lucky so you can only try them if it's an item you want.

    In coming days, we will have more grind vs AP offers as we feel this is a fair exchange.

    Obviously not everything will be attractive to everyone. What we would aim to achieve is not that, but to have something attractive for everyone.

    Nothing is set in stone and we'd like to improve things. So please provide us (keep providing us) feedback and help us make the decisions that are the best for everyone.

  • Okay, I understand and I know it's not possible to please everyone. When I created this topic, I was not asking to earn good items. and yes asking for transparency for me, everything can be like this, no problem at all, I just want each box to tell me my real chance to win. I spent a lot of money buying 26 boxes that gave me exactly the same prize every time. This is not random anywhere in the world.

  • I find it funny that people have been giving their feedback through this year asking for literally the same thing over and over.

    - A direct way to purcharse items

    - Things in the market being cheaper, since they're really overpriced.

    - or atleast better rates for the rare stuff

    And what do you guys do? Literally the opposite. You guys offer boxes for 900 ap on the web market that gives you a ""chance"" to get a specific orange skin. Not only the price is really expensive for what it offers, we don't even get the chance to get it guarantee. I'd for sure pay 900 ap for a specific orange skin that I liked, but for we get a box with rates that we don't know (that I wouldn't even doubt they're less than 1% tbh) that contains useless things, like 20k gp.

    And when we get the chance to buy a specific orange skin, how much does it cost? 4500 ap, because for some reason inflating its price with gp, plus a charm ticket, and the actual skin would for sure make it worth 35ish bucks. Which is the price of some triple A games out there, of atleast way better games than ironsight is atm.

    To be honest, I do not believe in your team anymore. It's been way too much bs for me, its always the same thing "we're hearing your feedback" "we'll improve the market" "we'll change things on the web market and ingame store". And what happens in the end? A box that cointain random boxes?

    I know you can't please everyone, but for sure you guys have a brain to know the obvious on this community, what we've been asking since the start of the game, and even more after you guys decided to make all the rates on every create worse (which is just another proof that you guys succ at hearing feedback, or don't even care).


    - gp boxes have a 1% chance of dropping an orange skin. Implement a system that, after 100 gp boxes opened, the player will be guaranteed to get an actual orange skin (ALL ORANGE SKINS SHOULD HAVE THE S A M E RATE), 100 cases take A LONG time to grind, and it feels rewarding to atleast get something decent from it.

    - superior boxes got a ~5% chance of dropping a skin. Even though you can get free chips, doesn't mean you may actually open these frequently

    - 500 ap boxes should ATLEAST have 25% chances of dropping a skin (should be the same rate between scopes and actual skins)

    - 300 ap boxes should have ATLEAST 10% chances of dropping an orange skin.

    Why that? Because every ap box costs REAL money, even with 25% in a 500 ap box, would mean that by that you should atleast spend 2000 ap to "get" something. Is it hard to implement? For sure it isnt.

    Would it kill you? I doubt, with decent rates, more players would be inclined to spend more. And "if" someone gets everything in the game, does it even mean it would kill you guys? I know you guys love to abuse the whales here, but cmon, you want literally 2~5 players who spend hundreds of dollars per patch, or 200 players who frequently spend some dozens for their beloved skins? But hey, money speaks louder.

    Also, I should atleast point out the OBVIOUS, all orange skins NEED to have the SAME rate. Its literally dishonest to make all "non-collection" orange skins way easier to get than the others.

    I won't give any possible feedback anymore, as I said, I'm done with all that bs of "we hear you guys" then you all literally go doing the opposite of what we asked.

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  • They could also make chip drop at 500 chips and 100k gold only so they can raise the rate of dropping


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