• With Content Update: Phoenix we added the Ranked Mode back into Ironsight.

    Here is what you need to know about it and what changed from the previous version.

    How to rank...

    To be able to play the Ranked Mode, you will be required to be at least level 5.

    You will then be able to start your placement matches in the Ranked Mode selection. The game mode that is being played is Search and Destroy. More information about Search and Destroy can be found on the Game Modes Guide. It might take some time depending on timezone and Elo Rank to find a fitting match.

    For the duration of the ranked season (3 months), you will be playing randomly on 4 preselected maps. These will change from season to season. A list of all maps can be found in the forum thread: Guide: Maps.

    The maps of the current season are displayed on the Ranked Match "Searching for opponents" screen.

    After you completed your 5 placement matches, you will gain a Global Rank starting with Bronze up to Master.

    • Bronze: 0-499 Ranked Points
    • Silver: 500-999 Ranked Points
    • Gold: 1000-1499 Ranked Points
    • Platinum: 1500-1999 Ranked Points
    • Diamond: 2000-2499 Ranked Points
    • Master: 2500+ Ranked Points

    You are able to play more matches once you finished your placement matches to climb the ranks.

    If you don't play after finishing your placement matches, your rank will slowly decrease due to inactivity.


    Some changes have been applied from the previous ranked version:

    Instead of all maps being able to be played on, each ranked season will now have 4 maps that will be randomly be played on.

    An Elo-System is now in place. This will match players with equal Elo-score together. Your score will be determined by your wins and losses, winning streaks, and against whom you are playing, as well as who you play with. You can find more information about general Elo rating systems here.

    You will be able to play with friends from now on. If you match up in a party, the Elo-Score of the party will be taken into consideration for the matchmaking.


    The Ranking displays the leader-board of the current season. By default, the "Upper Ranking" of the Top 20 is displayed.

    The Ranking will display the Call Sign of the player, the Clan they are in and the current Global Ranking Points they have.

    You are able to filter by friends or find users that already completed their placements with the search bar. If you try to find a user that did not complete his placement matches yet, he will not have an entry in the Ranking.

    You can see your own rank as well in the account menu in-game in the "Level" section.

    Should you not have completed your placement matches yet, it will instead show how many placement matches you already completed.