[Suggestions] Suggestions for the game interface

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    I have been playing for some time in this beta phase and I noticed the absence of some things, among them the 'interface' of the knife in the character. It simply does not exist.

    Besides being strange, it makes the knife skins devalue.

    One solution to increase craving for a knife skin would be to place it in front of the character's waistline, so in the final presentation appear.

    Another thing that would also be interesting for the 'reuse' of skins would be to implement the choice of the skin of the weapon on the 'NAF' side and on the 'EDEN'

    Example: I have a CHIP character who changes color of the uniform (NAF-EDEN) and I will play from MK46,
    I have 2 skins for the weapon I like, I will equip the yellow for the NAF, to match the character and blue for EDEN, to also match the character. (this also serves for knives-uniforms-secondary weapon)

    The option of putting keypads on the secondary weapon would also be a good thing. (with a lower cost, of course)

  • I like your ideas.

    I would prefer to see more diversity in the choice of facial features and color of female models, before I see more weapon selection/customization. Give me a Cardi B, Lucy Liu or Elarica Johnson model with an Aug and I'd be happy.

    Why the developers only enhanced the colors of the maps but left the female models all white is strange.

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