Anti - Hacking-/cheating proofing

  • So it kinda gets on my nerves right now, every few matches when i have a decent round im called an hacker or cheater right now.

    I mean it´s a big compliment on the other hand but it would be nice to proof other people that you´re playing clean and fair.

    Is it possible to make an automatic program that checks players accounts to proof that they´re cheating or not?

    Like it would be awesome if people could click on your name ingame and there would be an option called "clean player" or something that indicates that you´re playing clean and fair.

    We don´t have cinema mode right now, kill cams and cam replays in general are bugged anyway. Even with an cinema mode it wouldn´t really proof that you´re playing clean because often times your actions will look fishy just because nobody can comprehend what you´re thinking at that moment.

    Anyways, the ironside community isn´t that big and if (just as an example) i play against some newer people and have a decent round, they will get the impression "this game is full of hackers" and will quit again. So there should be something to proof yourself.

    I know ironsight has more than enough problems right now and some issue or feedback like this is like fine tuning or polishing.

    But i wanted to make this thread anyways.

    Thank you for reading.

    Movement, Aim, Control, Reflexes, Knowledge, Experience, Instinct, Prediction and Luck - all of these factors are needed to be a good Player.

    Not every Player who´s better than you uses hacks or cheats, keep that in mind and you´ll have a much better time while playing.

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  • The people screaming hack aren't going to believe a tag saying 'clean'. Especially since everyone playing in the game would have that tag. If they're cheating, they're banned.

    Getting called hack is a badge of honor lol, I screenshot it, and put those that start whispering and harassing via PM on block with a screenshot of that reported in.

  • Hello there,

    Luckily Ironsight doesn’t have any issue with hackers or cheaters right now. Getting called a hacker isn’t something to worry about. Should a player report you for hacking, it will get checked anyway, so don’t fear an unjustified ban. And people calling every headshot a hack are part of every game so far. ;) Don’t take it serious if you get accused.

    However, should anyone heavily insult you or anyone else in chat then please send a ticket to the support here - - the team will take care about it then.

    I’m sorry that you have to experience this and hope you’ll still have fun in Ironsight! ^^

  • I personally play fps games for some years and this is something you cant avoid, even if there was something to tell your account is clean there will be always people calling you hacker anyway. I myself started to play ironsight like 2 month ago and people already started to call me hacker sometimes too because i am getting good at play, what i do is, take that as a complement because it means your playing better and then i just block the person and that's it. Oh and this works for those people who call you camper too, i mostly play sniper and i will camp when i need to and i don't care about what others think, i will do what ever it takes to take the enemy down. There was one fps game witch i had over 1800 people blocked so yeah, its all part of fps games i think.

    I am not sure if there is a way to block people during the match though, i have tried before but i couldn't make it

  • The kind of people who blame you of hacking and cheating are the same people who call me noob, and bad player. Nothing to worry about, they like to use their keyboard to offend the others players or justify their mistakes in the game.

  • ppl just search for anything they can use as a excuse for a loose or bad performance ... so they call enemys hacker or team noobs ... 2 options that are pretty simple to use instead of searching mistakes by themself ^^