Adjust the headshot damage for the Deagle and Python

  • Buff Deagle and Python HS DMG 7

    1. YES (5) 71%
    2. NO (2) 29%

    The headshot damage (drop-off damage) of the Deagle and Python is to low (to high).

    These guns are hard to use (not including close range spamming).

    Headshots should be rewarding when hit at medium to long range.

    The reality is that at longer ranges it takes 1 HS and 2 shots to the body to kill someone at full health

    and that is unlikely to happen due to aimpunch and no option to put sights on secondarys.

    Increase the damage of headshots (or reduce the drop-off damage) to make the guns more skill based and fun to use.

    This video should demonstrate what I mean.

    Sorry for bad englisch

  • Agreed in parts, python is kinda ok in long range battles, but deagle IS HORRIBLE, idk why they made it a 4-shot kill at long distances, it makes it almost unplayable in any range further than 11m. But making it a oneshot kill at any distance to the head is too much, atleast make it have a decent long range damage, like, in a headshot you can get a one shot until 15m~ (which is good enough for a pistol), and at long ranges make it deal like 80~90 damage, with that it should be good enough

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