[EVENT] Mercenary wanted!

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    HQ did it again! They released a list of the most high value targets, but forgot to include YOU! Now it's up to you, to complete the list with your own entry! But keep in mind: The fancier the profile, the more likely it is, that you receive one of the better missions!

    Ever thought yourself: What would I do in a world of anarchy and PMC's running the world? Now you can imagine and create your own character in this regard! Show, that you can survive in 2025 and didn't drown during the tsunami or by burning down your house, while trying to cook your dinner.


    To participate in this event, you need to imagine yourself in 2025 after the tsunami, working together with Victor Schneider, Sarah Browning, Neil Wild, and the others. What role would you play, what weapon would you use, what food would you eat? There are no limits to your imagination (besides of our rules ;) ).

    Your description should contain:

    A profile version of yourself based on the template provided below:


    Gender (male/female/diverse):

    Age (in 2025):

    Preferred Weapon:


    Eye-/Hair color:


    Alliance (NAF/EDEN/lone wolf):

    Background Story (200 words max.):

    Latest mission:


    This event will run until the 16th of June included. (The rewards will be sent after internal voting.)


    The best Profile will receive a Special (Orange) Weapon of Choice and 50 Chips.

    The second best Profile will receive an Advance (Blue) Weapon of Choice and 20 Chips.

    Every serious participant will receive a Charm Slot Ticket, 5000 GP and 5 Superior Supply Boxes.


    • Only 1 submission per account.
    • Both digital drawings and scans of traditional drawings are accepted.
    • You must provide a VISUAL ASSET. Please provide us your submission in .png or .jpg format for pictures. Keep in mind that we will ask for the original file if you're submission is accepted.
    • You must post the fan art and profile as an entry in this thread to participate.
    • Any copyright infringement or piracy will lead to disqualification.
    • Nothing inappropriate!
    • We reserve the right to disqualify any entry that may breach the rules of the contest or of our Terms of Services!
    • The Terms of Services of gamigo and Aeriagames apply.
    • No exceptions for participation outside of the set time frame will be given. Sorry!
    • Every submission to this contest can and will be used by Aeria Games, Wiple Games and/or gamigo for promotional purposes.
    • The winner will be decided by the CM team.
  • Codename: Zheramus

    Gender (male/female/diverse): Male

    Age (in 2025): 26

    Preferred Weapon: DSR and Desert Eagle

    Height/Weight: 1,70 and 70kg

    Food of choice: Canned Food (hard to expire)
    Hoobys: Play with my dog
    Eye-/Hair color: Brown and Black

    Specializations/Skills: Stealth and Recon

    Alliance (NAF/EDEN/lone wolf): Lone Wolf

    Background Story (200 words max.): After fightning Jean Verdier in a past encounter, i realize how hard it's to be a lone wolf, but even so, i have kind of a soft heart to help does who need, and even more dogs...my dog called "Loki" was always with me in battle and after he got K.I.A in a mission by a NAF agent under Jean Verdier order i started to seek them to get my revenge.

    Latest mission: Seek and kill the Jean Verdier and the agents responsible for my dogs death located in the wrack city of Buenos Aires

    In game name: NettoNvM

    Orange weapon of choice: DSR City

    Advance weapon of choice: SG Treasure

  • Codename: Leonidas

    Gender (male/female/diverse): Male

    Age (in 2025): 37

    Preferred Weapon: Jackhammer and SG556

    Height/Weight: 1.80m and 80kg

    Food of choice: Moussaka(Greek food)

    Hoobys: Play hide and seek with your son.

    Eye-/Hair color: Brown and Black

    Specializations/Skills: Rescue and Tracking

    Alliance (NAF/EDEN/lone wolf): Lone Wolf

    Background Story (200 words max.): After several successful missions in ancient Nato Leonidas as known, he was specialized in tracking down targets and eliminating them. But upon discovering that he would be a father in 2018 he decided that he would never kill anyone other than for self-defense or his war friends . But his ability to find people in destroyed areas by wars or natural disasters has made this old killer go back to work, now saving lives.

    Latest mission: Rescue of several important people in the great earthquake in Haiti in 2019

    In game name: Cachorro_BR

    Orange weapon of choice: AR-57 Angry Monkey

    Advance weapon of choice: DSR-1 Zigzag


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  • Codename: Jonthan

    Gender (male/female/diverse): Male

    Age (in 2025): 21

    Preferred Weapon: DSR

    Height/Weight: 1,73m / 74kg

    Eye-/Hair color: Blue

    Specializations/Skills: Improvise the ways of the enemy and then kill him quietly

    Alliance (NAF/EDEN/lone wolf): Lone Wolf

    Background Story (200 words max.): He is the last survivor after the extermination of Europe and considered how he might overthrow the Russians (NAF) and the Americans (NAF) who had taken over world domination. He lives in a small cave that looked like it was old and dirty, but had a modern and secret passage to the most secret armory .... It was the only thing left over from the dust of Europe, and the world's deadliest chemical weapon was stored there.

    Latest mission: The collapse of Russian and American world domination.

    In game name: Pizzaface34

    Orange weapon of choice: Christmas MP5 A5 but if it is not allowed the Pixel P90 TR

    Advance weapon of choice: Snow AUG A3

  • Profile Picture: attachment

    Codename: Misfortune

    Age (in 2025): 21

    Preferred Weapon: DSR-1, M4A1 SOCOM

    Height/Weight: 5 ft 7 in / 135 LB

    Eye-/Hair color: Green eyes, red hair

    Specializations/Skills: Marksmanship, close quarters combat, lone wolf, assassination

    Alliance: Delta Force

    Background Story: Everyone in the world knows this sniper exists, but no one ever had a chance to see her. Delta Force operates in secret, barely ever see one another, and never reveals themselves. After the tsunami killing her family, she was destined to join and save others. Little did both herself and her sister know that each other's sister did survive.

    Latest mission (20 words max.): Watching EDEN forces approach the Middle East for an assault.

    In-game Name: Misfire

    Special Weapon of Choice: pixel p90

    Advanced Weapon of Choice: Chrome ak12


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    <3Yellow Star with dark Background<3

    <3Celebrations DSR<3

    <3Quickscoping most of the time<3





  • Codename: Bryan Mills

    Gender (male/female/diverse): Male

    Age (in 2025): 30

    Preferred Weapon: MP7A1 & TAC-OPS & Karambit

    Height/Weight: 1,78/ 70kg

    Eye-/Hair color: Green eyes & Black hair

    Specializations/Skills: Specialist in CQC, Melee combat and Assassination

    Alliance (NAF/EDEN/lone wolf): EDEN

    Background Story (200 words max.): He have a very particular set of skills, skills he acquired it over a very long career. Skills that make him a nightmare for NAF alliance. He get dirty, but the world stay clear...

    Latest mission: Bravo six, Going Dark

    IGN: H3llShadox

    Special Weapon of Choice: Fire Monkey PP-2000

    Advanced Weapon of Choice: Treasure Famas G2


  • Codename: Windows

    Gender (male/female/diverse): Male

    Age (in 2025):25

    Preferred Weapon: MG3 and a Beer

    Height/Weight: 1.8m 85kg

    Eye-/Hair color: blue eyes, brown hair

    Specializations/Skills:Can cook minute rice in 58 seconds and kill 3 men with an empty can of beer

    Alliance (NAF/EDEN/lone wolf): EDEN

    Background Story (200 words max.): The year is 2025, NAF have acquired the last can of snus and Windows' hunger drives him on to acquire this last can for himself to become the truest of Swedes. His alliance for EDEN will be short lived as his ego to acquire the snus is the only thing he cares about. It has also been a year since NAF killed his oldest of friend,(codenamed) Sputnik which gives him even more passion to acquire said last can. However the snus is believed to be in the one place Windows fears the most... Denmark.

    Latest mission: He recently infiltrated a base in Norway where a said sample of snus is contained, he successfully infiltrated the base and acquired the small sample of snus which he is hoping to try upon returning it back to base.

    In game name: Nitrogenn

    Orange weapon of choice: AK-47 Fire monkey

    Advance weapon of choice: Any

  • Codename: Mohamedx

    Gender (male/female/diverse): known as male

    Age (in 2025): 33

    Preferred Weapon: SA58 OSW and Aug a1

    Height/Weight: 1.70 mt

    Eye-/Hair color: Brown

    Specializations/Skills: He can take bullets in his arms without having some problems because he consumes oppium before battles

    Alliance (NAF/EDEN/lone wolf): He's a mercenary but his heart goes for EDEN

    Background Story (200 words max.): Mohamedx is called this way because his real name, Mohamed, was way too diffused and during exercitations when the general used to call him Mohamed pratically 90% of the soldiers answered, then the general gave him the particular codename of Mohamedx. He used to be a mercenary after early missions in the army but one day he decided to stop doing the mercenary to start reading books and learning a solid culture because he hated the fact that other soldiers were bad with him, saying him that he didn't own any kind of knowledge if not regarding weapons or military strategies. He got hurted from this, way more than any bullet he accidentally took in battle and he decided to react and to start a new mission.

    Latest mission: He subscribed to the known Oxford University and he got graduated in less than the 5 years extablished in history and philosophy's graduation.

    IGN: TheThruth

    Orange weapon of choice: fire monkey dsr1

    Blue weapon of choice: chrome dsr1


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  • 1985Codename: pickpocket

    Gender : male

    Age (in 2025):39

    Preferred Weapon: silenced mp9

    Height/Weight:1.79m, 86kg

    Eye-/Hair color:brown eyes,brown hair

    Specializations/Skills: breaking and entering, extraction of goods, black market monitoring, stealth

    Alliance (NAF/EDEN/lone wolf): EDEN

    Background Story (200 words max.): A convicted thief, who bartered a deal for his freedom in exchange or his services. Mainly this consist of stealing information about resource storages, and acquiring acces cards/keys in the process, so the PMC's who work for EDEN can plan and execute raids o the facilities. Intel on new weapons are also highly in demand

    Latest mission: breaking into a facility to steal the plans for a prototype underwater EMP missile.

    in game name: pieje

    Orange weapon of choice: city arx160

    Advance weapon of choice: cartoon tar-21

  • Finally I can post my entry with my drawing :)

    Codename: 316

    Gender (male/female/diverse): Male

    Age (in 2025): 32

    Preferred Weapon: Bayonet

    Height/Weight: 1.70 cm, 85 kg

    Eye-/Hair color: black eyes, brown hairs

    Specializations/Skills: He's specializated in covering others from the back, shooting as a sniper and he also carries medikits.

    Alliance (NAF/EDEN/lone wolf): He's a proud fighter for NAF.

    Background Story (200 words max.): 316 was born in Paris in 1993. He was an happy child when was young but EDEN killed his parents and he decided to choose to fight for the whole life, to revenge and honor the parents dead. He decided to join army and he showed immediatly his aim as a shooter, that's why he was headed to stay in the back, covering his commilitons. He died in 2045, at the age of 52-yo, during one mission against EDEN army, his most hated enemies, and on his grave we can find the effigy: "Better to die standing than to live a kneeling life."

    Latest mission: Last mission was around to take the control of some trench of EDEN.

    My ign is : IAngryMonkeyI

    For weapons, I'd choice p90tr Pixel (orange) and Treasure Famas G2 (blue)

    Good luck to everyone for the event!!

  • Codename:  M.U.M. (Male Underwear Model - previous profession)

    Gender (male/female/diverse): Yes.

    Age (in 2025):  Legal.

    Pet:  Two headed dog with two tails named Twin.

    Preferred Weapon: Ex mother in law, she could kill anything.

    Height/Weight: 6’4” in heels / My driver’s license weight is 660 McDonalds Quarter Pounders – you do the math.

    Eye-/Hair color: Black Sclera Contacts / Drapes: shaved, Carpet: matches.

    Vehicle: Two seater enhanced Crawler

    Food: SPAM, if it’s good enough for chat its good enough for me.

    Tactical Vision: Dolce & Gabbana Diamond studded frames that would make Elton John jealous.

    Celebrities to assist on mission: Kanye West (during his mental illness), and Jessica Alba (pre kids).

    Special Skills: Drinking like a Viking.

    Hobby: Killing Millennials and Centennials, in-game of course.

    Alliance (NAF/EDEN/lone wolf):  only to the bottle.

    Latest mission: Searching for Kanye West’s brain that he lost back in late ’06 and hooking up with Jessi A.

    Background Story:

    M.U.M. is always pursued by unsatisfied women, the ex male underwear model uses his clever humor and Adonis body to take advantage of the less fortunate to build his wealth and power. He sees Victor, Neil and Sarah as pawns and will betray them at some point to improve his odds of survival.

    Sarah is secretly in love with M.U.M., and he takes full advantage of her feelings while treating her like a mangy dog. To Sarah, M.U.M. is a true man. She laughs behind the backs of Victor and Neil “Notso” Wild. Little does she know that M.U.M. would sell her out in a heartbeat.

    M.U.M. is touted as highly dangerous, some say he’s so mean he makes medicine sick. He tells stories of all the garbage foes he’s eliminated and says they never took the time to “git gud”. He sometimes speaks of the most dangerous foe that challenged him, his ex-mother in law, he says she’s maimed but still living.

    M.U.M. continues to perfect his craft of taking life, thoroughly enjoying his humiliation moves during award ceremonies while gleefully speaking into an air microphone thanking his victims’ parents for creating such pathetic untalented foes.

    IGN:  2nd.Amendment

    Special Weapon of Choice (Orange) Fire Monkey AK-47

    Advanced Weapon of Choice (Blue) Treasure SG553

    Die Planker.jpg

    ***If I'm on your team and I'm shooting at you, then there is someone behind you!***

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  • Codename: Badger

    Gender (male/female/diverse): male

    Age (in 2025): 35

    Preferred Weapon: M39 EMR

    Height/Weight: 190 cm 120 kg

    Eye-/Hair color: green eyes dark brown hair

    Specializations/Skills: defusing bombs, hand to hand combat and assasinations

    Alliance (NAF/EDEN/lone wolf): NAF

    Background Story (200 words max.): because he grew up on a farm he is well versed with machinery of various sizes, Badger exels in assasinations and bomb-defusals, he is a master of CQB and is able to defuse an armed bomb in under a minute, what he lacks is teamwork and he often operates solo to avoid having teamates, but when he encountered Victor and Sarah, he just had to put behind his lone wolf past and start coperating with his new teamates. he also met Nick Wild some time before Victor And Sarah but he got put of by his laidbackness so he decided that he was going to stay away from him. Badger is a big and bulky guy but when you get to know him better you will realise that he is a nice guy.

    Latest mission: assasination of a rebel leader in the swamplands located in Orlando Florida

    IGN: komandokalle

    orange weapon: Fire Monkey G36C

    Blue wepon: Snow AUG A3

  • Codenome: Major Robson

    Gender: Male

    Age (in 2025): 34

    Preferred Weapon: Heckler & Koch HK417 and G36C

    Height/Weight: 1,82m / 75kg

    Eye-/Hair color: Brown

    Specializations/Skills: Infiltrations into unnoticed territory and long-range incursions against high-value enemy targets developed in hostile areas or under enemy control.

    Alliance: Lone Wolf

    Background history:
    Be the type of person that when you just woke up, the devil says "oh boy, he woke up!". yes, thats me. After everything I went through, I turned out to be that person that I am now, cold, I play everything ahead, you can't tell until its fully done. But thats just because of the training I got when I was in my gold days at the military, I can accomplish in the worst way possible literally any task given. Well, thats what made me the best out there in the Comandos course, which made me act in the Forças Especiais, GRUMEC, Operações Especiais, Fuzileiros Navais, and more. Among all the specialists, I identify myself more with Victor Schneider, since aparently he's the best! And well, from now on it'll be interesting divide all the things I learned and with everyone, learn even more.
    I can't wait to talk about all the operations I was in, specially the peace missions. Over and out.

    Last mission: Escort of a very powerful equipment, which certainly describes our future, so the secrecy

    PROFILE PICTURE: https://imgur.com/a/q4m1lSd

    In-game name: 4evabreeze

    Special Weapon of Choice: Blaser R93 Angry Monkey
    Advanced Weapon of Choice: K2C Chrome

  • Codename: Silentblade

    Gender (male/female/diverse): Female

    Age (in 2025): 24

    Preferred Weapon: Silenced M1911 & Bayonet

    Height/Weight: 165cm/64kg

    Eye-/Hair color: blue eyes, chestnut hair

    Specializations/Skills: Hand to hand combat, stealth, survival

    Alliance (NAF/EDEN/lone wolf): lone wolf

    Background Story (200 words max.): After being abused by her family when she was young, 'Silentblade' fled from her home through the jungle where she finds a man fighting off enemies. She hides and after the man finishes the enemies off he notices her. He sees potential in Silentblade and decides to train her to fight off the rebels who are invading the nearby towns and extorting them for tax. After being trained for 5 years she goes on her first mission and realizes the people who were once her family were the leaders of the rebel forces.

    Latest mission: Invading the main rebel base and assassinate the rebel leaders, her former family.

    In-Game name: Snorremans

    Special Weapon of Choice: Skull m4 ACC-M

    Advanced Weapon of Choice: Treasure Famas G2

  • Profile Picture:

    Mercenary wanted.jpg

    Codename: Becca

    Gender (male/female/diverse): Female

    Age (in 2025): 29

    Preferred Weapon: ARX-160 and Throwing knife

    Height/Weight: 1,74m / 61kg

    Eye-/Hair color: Dark brown eyes, Orange/Red hair

    Specializations/Skills: Spying, stealth and close range combat. She ussualy preffers to infiltrate places in silence, taking down enemyes by surprise or neutralizing them with her throwing knifes without making noise. Despite this, if things go wrong she can always trust her very trained aim and shooting skills.

    Alliance (NAF/EDEN/lone wolf): Lone Wolf (former EDEN)

    Background Story (200 words max.):

    Becca is a former EDEN secret agent and did lots of work for this organization in the past. Hired from such a young age, she acquired so unique and precise combat capabilities that she could beat a whole squad on her own without having a scratch. She always thought that all of the things she was told to do were for a greater good and never questioned the choices of her superiors.

    Over time the missions slowly started to get weirder, she had to infiltrate a very well-known chemical lab and steal some samples which content was unknown for her, for example… After a couple of suspicious events the young girl decided to investigate what was happening and placed a mic at the main office. She could recognize the voice of two very high rank officers who were talking about horrifying things they’ve done. They were talking about how they made explode a bomb that killed hundreds of innocent people just so they could frame someone for their personal interests, the list went on and on…

    Becca felt so betrayed and disgusted, then realized she’d been working for the wrong side. She decided to escape and began planning her revenge.

    Latest mission: Breaked into an EDEN secret safehouse to steal information from one of the computers which belonged to her ex-boss.

    I hope you liked it.

    Sorry for the quality of the image, my scanner is not working so i had to take a picture with my phone. I recommend looking at it through a mobile device, i think it looks better.

    I also apologize if my english isn't perfect, im not a native speaker. Feel free to ask any doubts.

    The length of the background story is 200 words exactly.

    In-game Name: Fexs

    Special Weapon of Choice: Fire Monkey AK-12

    Advanced Weapon of Choice: Chrome K2C

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  • Codename: Angel

    Age (in 2025): 24

    Preferred Weapon: PDR-C and Claymores

    Height/Weight: 1,72m / 55kg

    Eye-/Hair color: Grey eyes, brunette

    Specializations/Skills: Agent usually in stealth or undercover

    Alliance: Lone Wolf

    Background Story: NAF has contacted Angel after to infiltrate EDEN's HQ. As a former EDEN agent, Angel knew everything she needed to know in order to lure Schwift to grant her the needed permission to log in to EDEN's intranet.

    Latest mission: Elimination of Ivan Schwift, the mastermind behind the arsen inside the nuclear power plant.

    In-game Name: SophisticA

    Special Weapon of Choice: Celebrations SVD

    Advanced Weapon of Choice: FAMAS G2 CartoonAngel.JPG