Simple ways to make the game better.

  • Just a few thoughts

    1.) Disable the ability to fire while going prone. You must complete the prone animation before your gun can fire. Prevents people from working the hit boxes.

    2.) Prevent ducking over and over. After 2-3 ducks you won't be able to duck without a bit of a rest. Prevents people from working the hit boxes.

    3.) Remove the "KILLED BY" banner at the top. (it covers the kill feed).You're an FPS. You should really know better than to cover the kill feed at anytime.

    4.) Allow the ability to see score board (Tab) during the team victory animations. Basic stuff here.

    5.) Allow me to drop my gun at anytime. Sometimes you may want a friend to try your gun.

    6.) Add team voice chat. It really would add a lot to ranked. If you want to be taken seriously that you wish for rank to do well, allow us to talk to each other in Solo Q. It needs to be successful in solo Q before you have any hope of it taking off.

    7.) Give us a check box that will never put us in a game in progress or make sure if you do (because it helps with match making) that you put someone in a game that's not 40 points down! 10 points max difference and even then... Think outside the box, make that game as a "Filler Match" give 2x the GP for being a champ but no stats positive or negative are recorded. Next match, stats are back on.

    8.) Record Stats for leaving mid match. Might prevent some people from doing it to avoid a loss. (also record stats even if they leave).

    Just a line or two of code I'm sure. EZ right?

    That all aside. Last update was amazing! Very happy in the direction the game is going. Removing trade kills at long last is a super win! Well done!

    Keep up the good work.

    - NoShiftsGiven / Eno

  • Agreed with some, but for 7. I don't see a reason to do that, personal opinion though.

    for 1 and 2, not really sure if it would benefit the game at all, its somehow inherent of the game to have that kind of mechanic, but a nerf on it would be good.

  • can agree that the fire while prone animatiins doning need to be nerfed. like a wild spread or something.
    but number 2 is just what? if u wanna duck u duck. maby slow down animation, but u need to duck if u dont wanna die by bullets. ...

  • So you mention prone and ducking, I'm curious why you didn't mention jumping?

    Maybe take away 25-50% stamina per jump, sounds reasonable to me.

    ***If I'm on your team and I'm shooting at you, then there is someone behind you!***

  • Point 1: Fully agree. Going into prone should have a more "stationary" characteristic and you should not be able to shoot at all (or at least not very accurate) while in the animation.

    At the moment, it's mostly used in a rather abusive way just to exploit the "unclear" status of the hitbox while beeing in the animation.

    Point 2: No problem with "crouching" in it's current form, but like 2nd.Amendment , i would like to see a noticeable nerf of weapon accuracy while jumping around.

    I know, some will say, it adds "skill" and "fun" to the rather fast gameplay of IS .... but i say: bunnyhoppin' simply looks idiotic in this kind of "nearly-realistic" shooter.

  • 1&2. Just no. These are basic l2p issues. You should expect enemies to take every form of evasive action available to them, and it's your fault if they beat you. Play the game.

    3. I've never even noticed this, but if it's bothering people then it does seem like a fairly simple QoL change.

    4. Agreed. It's annoying when you miss your window of opportunity to check how you did.

    5. Don't really see the point in this, and don't see any reason for the devs to give priority to it.

    6. Agreed. Probably wouldn't use it a lot myself but it's a must for any comp team.

    7&8. These are things I just don't care about. People need to leave, they leave. I get backfilled. Fine. Who cares what anyone's win rate or any other stats say?

  • i just want to mention that a limited time of jumps or ducks is not that good, change the aim/accuracy maybee like before said ... i mean in reallife you also can jump and duck multible times or ? so think about what a soldier can, they are trained to jump, climb, crouch etc. so its the worst thing to limit it ... change aim/accruacy while jumping etc. and it should be fine

  • i mean in reallife you also can jump and duck multible times or ?

    I wouldn't put real life stuff in a videogame, and even in real life, you can't jump or duck multiple times like in Ironsight simply because your leg will start hurting due to the burden of carrying an LMG around. Same goes to a real life soldier. The soldier never immediately couch shot/ dropshot when they see an enemy. They are trained to stick and work together as a team, and therefore, avoids every situation where one might crouch/dropshoot in ironsight.

    Real life gun-gun, soldier-soldier battle are VERY slower than what movies and videogame portray. because the 2 sides in question actually does NOT want to kill each other at all.

  • sure but i guess you know what i wanted to say ... should be enough to change the aim/accuracy instead of the ability to jump/duck etc ...

    and yes i know that nobody in rl would dropshot or jumpshot XD nobody would also quickscope or noscope XD

  • Correct CQC practice is to not use the scope as it detracts from environmental awareness. Rifles are held in the high ready position with the stock into the shoulder, and the view point is over the scope.

    Scopes are for ranged combat, utilising single or burst fire.

  • Scopes are for ranged combat, utilising single or burst fire.

    This is an area I strongly believe Ironsight currently lacks in. Players frequently report that they can hipfire decently at ranged combat. Either that, or everyone is the game is playing at 90 degree FOV.

    Tbh, I keep thinking map design, like how likely you are going to confront someone at which range, plays a bigger role on whether a player will hipfire or ADS. What do you guys think?

  • I think a lot of people are playing with wide FoV, and have seen several settings vids that recommend it too.

    I don't recommend it personally, and I find the weapon ranges make much more sense with a tighter FoV.

    It's a trade off between awareness and accuracy. But for me.. predators have eyes in the front of their heads for a reason.